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Ensuring Your New Business Generates A Good First Impression 


Carving out a successful career often involves making snap decisions, and it will only take a potential customer or investor 7 seconds to form an impression of you and your new venture. When you’re reaching out to new clients for the first time, the best version of your website, a welcoming office space, and your own professional style can all help to create the best first impression for your business.

A Polished Appearance.

Whether you’re meeting a potential client one to one or making a presentation to a roomful of investors, both the content of your pitch and the smallest details of your appearance will be under scrutiny. Dressing in a professional way and presenting yourself in a confident manner will not go unnoticed, and will help to show that you are competent and efficient at work. In addition to stylish business attire, simple and classic accessories not only complete an outfit but create an air of self-assurance. Coordinating a well-cut suit with the clean lines of minimalist jewelry will give a polished appearance and help to make a good first impression.

A Welcoming Office

The same principles apply when you invite clients to your business premises for the first time. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on high-end interior design in order to make an office welcoming for clients. A reception that’s clean and clear of clutter will show that you are professional at work and that your business is well organized.  Combine it with a comfortable waiting area and a clear, quiet space for meetings, and clients will be encouraged to stay and hear out your business proposals.

An Inviting Website

If your work is largely conducted online, first impressions will be made by your website, the initial point of contact with clients and customers. As well as ensuring the site is visually appealing, other more practical criteria could help to clinch a sale or secure investment. Check your website loads quickly and smoothly, otherwise clients may question the quality of your work and potential customers will lose patience and search elsewhere for their requirements. While the design of the site should be clear and inviting, users will quickly move on if it’s not backed up with good quality, useful and informative content.

Whether you are meeting clients in person or reaching out to customers online, first impressions count. A professional appearance will reassure clients of your competency and keep them focused on the business in hand.