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The Management & Leadership Blogs Worth Bookmarking Now


by Katie Stearns

A lot goes into making managers great leaders. It’s about experience, attitude, empathy, and so much more. But there’s something else all great managers have in common: They stay up to date on the latest business management trends, soak up the world around them, and continuously strive to learn more. One way to do that? Staying up to date on the latest trends and reading today’s top management blogs.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of those top management blogs, what makes them stand out, and why you should be reading them, too.

1. Harvard Business Review.

The Harvard Business Review blog is a mecca for leaders and managers looking for eye-opening insights and best practices they can apply to themselves and their teams to lead smarter and make a more positive impact. And if there’s any doubt in your mind, check out the sheer number of work-related topics they set out to cover. You can expect expert-authored articles, well-researched information, and practical takeaways you can both learn from and use with your own team. HBR is a point of reference in the management world, and one look at their content, and it’s really no wonder why.

2. Beebole Management Blog.

The management blog by Beebole is a useful resource for managers, leaders, and small business owners alike. They cover the latest business management trends and often invite expert guest writers from all sorts of backgrounds, offering a wide range of both perspectives and topics. You can expect to hear from HR specialists, CFOs, IT professionals, and more, sharing their expertise on topics like annual compensation reviews, financial trends, spreadsheet hacks for managers, and so much more. Their articles offer actionable tips that managers can implement themselves. For thought-provoking, useful information you can put into practice with your own team, don’t miss the Beebole management blog.

3. BenchmarkONE.

BenchmarkONE’s blog offers the latest tips, tricks, industry insights, and strategies for their readership of SMB business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and agencies. Their blog covers various areas relating to sales, SEO, marketing, marketing automation and CRM, entrepreneurship, social media, content marketing, and more.

4. Weekdone Leadership Blog.

The Weekdone Leadership blog offers a wide variety of original and comprehensive content for leaders and managers. As a leading goal setting and weekly planning software for companies and teams, Weekdone writes with their industry knowledge at hand. The blog is home to informative and thought-provoking articles for leaders to take with them to their next work day, 1:1 meeting, or brainstorming session.

Weekdone’s very own OKR coaches offer expert tips, advice, and insights into OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and how to become more goal-oriented leaders. You’ll also find engagement survey questions!

5. Leadership Freak.

Talk about learning from the experts. Leadership Freak author Dan Rockwell held his first leadership position at the age of 19, has owned two businesses and now works as a leadership coach and consultant. Visit his blog for thought-provoking posts on things like strengthening your company’s culture and pinpointing moments of growth to personal development-led posts with tips on how to be your best self and learn from mistakes. His blog is full of quick, to-the-point nuggets of truth, making it the perfect quick read for any managers looking for in-the-moment, applicable insight.

6. Seth Godin’s Blog.

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and speaker who’s founded two companies, written 20 best-selling books, and done multiple Ted Talks. In other words, he’s an inspiration to the business management world, and he’s got a lot to share. His blog features daily updates and insights spanning everything from marketing tactics and business strategy to personal motivation tips.

7. Ask a Manager.

Author Alison Green candidly addresses questions, concerns, and issues that employees run into daily on her blog Ask a Manager. Alison, who was previously chief of staff at a non-profit organization, was in charge of hiring, firing, promoting, and managing. While she’s the first to admit she was far from a perfect manager, her goal is to offer insight into what managers and interviewers are thinking. As a manager, this blog is a wonderful insight into potential employee struggles and perspectives.

8. Tanveer Naseer Leadership blog.

Tanveer Naseer is an internationally acclaimed leadership expert and speaker, and his blog is chock full of valuable takeaways, lessons, and research-based insights, like the importance of empathy in leadership. Apart from his expert blog, Tanveer is the CEO of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a corporate leadership training and consulting firm.

9. INC.

A fantastic and well-known resource when it comes to learning more about building your business, Inc. Magazine covers everything from marketing and sales to how to best manage your team. There are lessons for every manager to learn from, whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO or just starting out.

10. Evil HR Lady.

Suzanne Lucas prides herself on demystifying Human Resources, but she does more than that. She also dives into hard-hitting leadership topics like best practices for managers, employee engagement, and more. Suzanne never shies away from the hard topics, and her outspoken take on today’s top management and leadership topics is not to be missed.

Any great leader today will tell you that stagnancy is the enemy. There is always room to grow, learn, and pivot, and there’s no better method than soaking up the expert information and insight available to all of us. And the best part? Information abounds—this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Tell us in the comments: What are your go-to sources when it comes to information, expertise and inspiration in the management world?


Katie Stearns is a digital marketer who loves monitoring management and leadership trends to create more valuable B2B content for managers. She loves connecting with writers, journalists, and professionals across all industries to spread the word about the value of time tracking for companies. Katie is particularly interested in helping the world become a more productive place.