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[Infographic] What Assets Should You Invest In This Year?


After 2020 and all of its challenges, including the financial struggles, that came from the COVID-19 pandemic that shut the world down, you might be thinking about making smarter moves with your money. This is a good idea because, with everything being so uncertain right now, you never know what tomorrow will bring, and you want your money to be there when you need it.

Keeping your money in a bank account might not be the best way to watch it grow continually. An account that earns a small amount of interest, if any, will only cause your savings to remain pretty much the same. On the other hand, if you opt to invest your money in various ways, you may be able to increase your wealth and feel more confident in your financial stability.

HotForex has put together the following infographic, which details some of the assets that you can consider investing in this year. Below, we discuss what this infographic recommends.

Trading in Stocks or Forex: Two Ways to Invest Your Money

Even if you have never invested any of your money in the stock market in the past, it is never too late to start. According to HotForex, the markets in the United States have been doing better recently, and large companies, such as Amazon, have also seen positive growth. So, if you know which stocks to invest in, and you buy and sell at the most opportune times, you might be able to use the stock market to increase the amount of money you have.

Another strategy that is worth considering is the forex market. Put simply, by trading various currency pairs, you might be able to get solid returns on your investment. Like the stock market, however, this is an investment option that does come with some risk, so you do need to take care to avoid making the wrong moves that could result in you losing your money. The MT4 platform for forex is a good option to consider when you want to execute trades easily while also taking advantage of helpful tools to make strategic decisions.

Buying Gold and Commodities: Good Ways to Hedge Against Inflation

The HotForex infographic also discusses a couple of ways that you can hedge against inflation, which is important these days because inflation has been rising. The two methods that you can consider are: buying gold and investing in commodities.

When you buy gold, you can purchase the actual physical gold, such as in the form of coins and bars. But this means that you need to figure out where you can store the gold to keep it safe and secure at all times. If you don’t want to do that, you can instead invest in gold stocks.

When it comes to commodities, it is all about selecting the right ones. You want to go with those whose value is increasing and is expected to continue rising. By investing at the right time, you might be able to see your money grow by quite a bit. HotForex recommends commodities like silver, palladium, copper, and oil because these are in demand.

How Will You Make Your Money Grow This Year?

By investing your money the right way, you can watch your savings grow more quickly than it otherwise would. So, which assets will you invest in first to start increasing your wealth?