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How To Manage Your Dog Shelter Business


Some people like to open dog shelter businesses, so they can help save dogs and return those furry friends to their owners. After all, some dogs run away and can’t find their homes, so they need places to stay until their owners can come back. Due to this, you should go through these points, so they can help you properly manage a dog shelter while you keep the dogs safe and help them.

Put Care First.

When you decide to have a dog shelter business, you need to focus on caring for those dogs above everything else. You may get dogs who are covered in dirt or hungry, so you must have bath supplies available and food for them. You should also provide clean water for those dogs, so they can stay hydrated and remain as comfortable as possible.

You should also keep in mind you may have to deal with aggressive dogs. This means you should prepare leashes and create safety protocols, so you can keep your employees safe. After all, you need to focus on care and safety for the dogs and the employees, so do your best to establish these rules, so your workers won’t have to worry.

Have Rooms With Plenty of Space.

You also need to establish rooms for the dogs to stay in, so make sure you find a place with plenty of space. This means you should pay for a building with large rooms, so you can put the dogs in there without making them feel stuck or trapped. For example, some dog shelters will include metal fences, so the dogs have space to move around.

Do your best to create these rooms and figure out where the dogs will go. You should also try to establish some organization method for the rooms, so you’ll put specific dog breeds in different areas. This will make it easier for you to find the dogs you need, check on them and get them back to their owners without creating unnecessary confusion and problems.

Get Heavy-Duty Crates.

You also need crates to put dogs in them at times. For example, if animal control brings dogs to your business, you may need to put them in crates at first before you transfer them to one of the fenced rooms. That way, they can feel comfortable and have a bit of space while you find a better spot for the dogs to go.

The heavy-duty dog crates will be more difficult for the dogs to damage. Depending on the situation, some of the dogs may get aggressive, so the crates need to withstand bites, scratches, and other attacks. As you purchase some crates, you can keep the dogs safe while preventing them from running around when they first arrive at the shelter.

Pick an Office Area.

You also need an office area for the workers, so they can tackle logistics while having an area to contact the owners. When you get those dogs in your shelter and identify them, you need to get in contact with the owners and get them to pick up their dogs. If you have an office area to do this, you will make things easier for everyone involved.

On top of that, you can have people wait in the office area while you get their dogs and handle everything. This stands out as a key location for any dog shelter, so make sure you identify an office area and establish it immediately. As you do this, you can create an easier process for the owners when they arrive to get their dogs back.

Get the Necessary Technology.

A dog shelter needs good technology to properly care for the dogs staying there. For example, you need to have a computer to keep track of the various dogs, who owns them and how to get in contact with them. You can also use the computer to schedule times for people to arrive, so you can get these dogs back to their homes without any issues.

You should also have a phone available in the office, so you can make calls whenever you need to. This number should be public knowledge to make it easy for others to call your shelter and find a time to stop by. This will help you simplify the process for everyone, so make sure you find the ideal technology to help you properly maintain and organize your dog shelter.

Spread the Word.

Make sure others know about your dog shelter, so you can do your best to get those dogs back to their owners. If people don’t know about your shelter, they may not know they can call you if they lose their dogs. This means you should figure out different ways to advertise your shelter, so people can learn about it and know how to contact your business if you find their dogs.

This means you should create a website, social media pages and make your business phone number available online. You should make posts and do your best to inform people about the shelter, so they know about it in their community. This may seem excessive, but if you spread the word, you will get more dogs back to their owners sooner rather than later.


Preparing a dog shelter involves tons of work, but you can create a safe space for any dogs that can’t find a home. Make sure you meet their needs, show them love and do your best to care for those dogs. After all, they have families or future owners who want to love them, so you should create a comfortable environment while they wait to go home.



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