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6 Benefits Of A Portable Generator For Property Managers


Property managers have a long list of roles. One of these is to ensure that the properties they manage have 24/7 access to electricity. Yes, this may seem like a menial task for them to handle. However, it shouldn’t be taken for granted as electrical disruptions could affect businesses and households to a great extent.

All modern commercial establishments require electricity to operate properly. With inadequate power supply, frozen goods in grocery stores and restaurants may spoil, and drugstores may have trouble storing certain types of medicine. For homeowners with a lot of electric appliances, everyday routines such as cooking and doing the laundry will become so much harder to do. To address those situations, many property managers opt for a generator.

If you’re aiming to supply the properties you’re taking care of with uninterrupted power, you may consider buying a portable generator. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits it provides, which might just convince you to get one as soon as possible:

Emergency Power.

Portable generators can address the basic power needs of various properties. They’re able to provide a good supply of electricity for businesses and homes whenever a power outage occurs. With an efficient generator, you can keep most of your appliances or equipment running in times of disasters such as storms.

In most cases, properties with generators will have no trouble with their electricity needs during a power outage. Business operations don’t have to stop completely, and you can turn the lights on and charge all of your devices at home.

Damage Prevention.

Sudden loss of electricity may damage appliances and equipment if it happens often. For businesses using computers, frequent power outage may cause data loss and decreased productivity. With a portable generator, there’ll be a backup power source that can help keep the place going until the power comes back on.

Ease Of Use And Mobility.

Typically, portable generators have four wheels that make them easy to transfer from place to place. Apart from mobility, most portable generators are generally easy to use. They have starters as well as choke levers that make them simple to operate. With other types, a pull cord is necessary. While the first pull cord generators were difficult to handle, the changes in their development have made today’s models practically effortless to start.


Since portable generators can be moved anytime, property managers or tenants could use them anywhere on the property (except indoors, of course). They can even use them in events held far and outside of the premises. When not in use, portable generators can be stored away and brought out again as part of an emergency tech kit that’s especially useful during blackouts and terrible weather.


Portable generators usually have automatic shutoffs in case mechanical problems occur. In addition, they typically have circuit breaker protection to avoid overloading or underloading. These features ultimately help keep the equipment in good condition. Others you can look for in a portable generator are the following:

  • Low-pressure trip and alarm
  • Clear pressure gauge
  • Thermometer

The presence of these safety features doesn’t mean that a generator comes with zero risks. Most of these only provide warnings to help prevent issues from worsening if left unaddressed.

More Savings.

Because generators prevent appliances and electrical systems from getting damaged, maintenance and repair expenses are reduced. Property managers could better manage their day-to-day business expenses by saving more money in the long run when they buy their own generators. There’ll be no need for them to rent that kind of equipment, which is inconvenient and costlier than purchasing one if they frequently have to use it.

In A Nutshell.

If you’re a property manager, getting a portable generator may already be circling in your mind. The importance of that equipment can’t be understated given that businesses and homes alike can’t go without electricity for hours on end. This is even more apparent during times of disaster.

Before you buy one, think about what you’ve learned in this article. Mull over the benefits that it can provide to your tenants. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, choose a generator that can supply your property with sufficient power. Additionally, make sure it has safety features to avoid any problems.

Whether you manage a residential or commercial establishment, a portable generator is essential in keeping your property’s electrical system running. Above all, it’ll allow you to meet the needs of your tenants at the most crucial moments.