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A Guide To Business Office Refurbishment


Offices across the UK are opening once more as the four nations hurtle towards easing the last of their lockdown restrictions.

The future of the workplace is still uncertain, however. Businesses who want to lure their employees out of their homes and back to the office will have to offer something refreshing and exciting.

Office business refurbishment can make all the difference. Designing work environments that benefit employees’ health and wellbeing will be central to the workplace of the future.

Our guide to business office refurbishment has covered everything to consider when redesigning your place of work.

Get prepared for refurbishment

Before the first designer, architect or construction worker arrives on site, you need to make sure the space is prepared.

Physical preparation includes clearing all furniture and ensuring no one is working in the office. You will also need construction insurance prepared, to ensure you are covered before work begins.

Employ an architect/designer

Unless you run a commercial architecture or design firm, you might find it beneficial to employ the services of one for your business office refurbishment.

Find a reputable firm who have created commercial spaces for your industry before. This will ensure the designer understands the needs of your office.

Create spaces for employees

Offices need to include a range of workspaces to accommodate the needs of their employees.

In the future, employees will likely want more comfort in the office, especially after working from home for so long.

Invest in quality furniture

Whether you aim for contemporary design or something more traditional, it is important to invest in quality furniture.

Consider furniture that promotes health and wellbeing such as ergonomic chairs and standing-optional desks.This will ensure your employees are working safely and not injuring themselves.

Consider lighting schemes

Lighting is essential in an office. Getting the right lighting will help to prevent eye strain and promote feelings of wellbeing in your staff.

Your designer should be well versed in lighting schemes. Ensure you discuss any potential issues regarding natural and artificial light with them.

Make it safe and hygienic

For obvious reasons, the office needs to be well ventilated and hygienic in the future. Make sure you include appropriate ventilation in your design. Hire professional cleaning services to keep your premises prim and proper on a regular basis.

Adding sanitiser stations and cleaning products at regular intervals around the office will help employees feel safe.

Tackle your office refurbishment with ease, thanks to this guide.


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