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3 Tips For Optimizing Your Workflow


The world is full of technology and timesavers. How much technology are you using in your workspace? How do you set aside time? Outdated devices and practices often aren’t just old, but also slower and of lower quality. Walk yourself mentally through a workday, then consider areas where you could upgrade technology and save time.

1. Communication.

How do you reach out to people? Keep in mind that people have a wide range of communication preferences. Some prefer speaking in person or over the phone, while others like to respond in writing after a lot of thought. Regardless of your business type, a good phone system can make a huge difference. If someone has a question or wants to get a sense of what you’re offering, a phone call can provide those answers and human connection. Look into phone systems that provide clarity and security, such as a hosted PBX system.

2. Planning.

What are you doing today, tomorrow, and in two weeks? Save time by ensuring that you have a schedule that works for you as an individual. Whether this calendar is digital or on paper, keep it in an accessible place so you can reference it throughout the week. Consider starting each morning by reviewing your daily obligations and transferring some of them to a to-do list. This will help you stay accountable and productive. After planning for yourself, look at business-wide scheduling options. Digital calendars and scheduling programs often have offerings specific to business types. Having easy-to-read calendars can relieve a lot of work-related stress and save time.

3. Webinars and Development Opportunities.

Even with a powerful imagination, you can’t imagine every new business idea. When you set aside time to listen to and speak with other professionals, though, you can discover different practices and gain inspiration. Learning opportunities might come in the form of informal luncheons or more structured conferences. You also might not need to travel at all. Webinars eliminate the travel element. In some cases, you might even be able to receive a recording, if a webinar is held at a time that’s not convenient for you. During any type of development opportunity, take notes and ask questions. Imagine the different ways you could apply this new information to your work.

Listen and learn from others, recognizing that a timesaver for one person might not work for another. Experiment with different technologies and a variety of habits. Find what suits your needs and those of your business.