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7 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs


Statistics show that there are more than 31 million entrepreneurs in the United States. Are you looking to start your own business? How can you become a successful entrepreneur? What should you keep in mind as you begin this journey?

Keep reading to learn more tips for young entrepreneurs. 

1. Put Ideas Into Action.

This is the golden ticket. So many people have great business ideas but fail to ever put them into action. This results in their ideas never turning into anything more than a thought. If you have an idea for a business, act on it. Do the research and figure out if there is something there. Assuming that someone else has already had the same idea is no way to move forward. Keep track of all of your potential business ideas or product concepts and test the idea on others. If you gain the support of your friends and mentors, it is likely that others may support the idea too. 

2. Do Something That You Are Passionate About.

If your idea turns into a business, you want it to be something that you enjoy doing. If you create a new electric bike company but have no desire to ride bikes, it will be hard to enjoy your job in 10 years. Choosing something that aligns with your passions will transfer to be beneficial for the company. People can see when someone is passionate and authentic about a brand or product and often buy in as a result. It would be harder to convince people to invest in your business or purchase from it if it is clear that you don’t enjoy working for it. 

3. Focus On Scaling Over Selling.

How can the business grow? Can you hold a national presence? Does your product or service have the potential to go global? The scalability of a company is very important. If there is a clear ending in sight before you even start, it will be a short-lived venture. Many entrepreneurs start companies now in hopes of getting acquired. When you start with this goal, you limit the potential growth of the business. Starting the company just to sell it won’t help scale it. When your focus is on scaling, the opportunity to sell it could organically arise down the road.

4. Find the White Space.

Where is the gap in the market? How can you fill this gap? This is the key to a successful startup because there needs to be a demand for the product or service you are offering. Simply offering a more convenient way to do everyday tasks could be life-changing for some people. No idea is too small if there is space in the market for it. Avoiding the crowded areas that the same business is being created in can leave you with a greater potential to grow. 

5. Get Funding.

Funding is how your business will get started. This can happen in several ways. You can get a quick personal loan or ask friends and family to invest in your business idea. Having a clear plan of how the money will help you get the idea off the ground and transform it into a business is the key to the funding process. Without a clear plan, no one will want to give you money. Sharing your vision and plan for growth is a better way to approach this area of starting the business. 

6. Network.

Networking is an important part of every business. Collaboration continues to grow as businesses learn that they can accomplish more by working together than against each other. Whether you attend networking events, join a leadership group, or spend an hour a day connecting on LinkedIn, you will benefit from the time that you spend networking. This approach is also good for finding mentors. Often the people that have been in business for several years are willing to share valuable lessons on how to run a business successfully. 

7. Hire the Right People to Help You.

Your team is how your business will grow in the future. At the start, it may just be you working alone. This will change as you grow and the demand for more people to facilitate the everyday duties of the company becomes more important. Taking the time to hire the right people that understand your vision and can support you on the journey to get there is key. Any bad eggs will only distract you and the other team members from doing the work that needs to get done. 

Now that you have read more about tips for young entrepreneurs, you can get started today. Stop waiting to put your ideas into action and get them out into the world!