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6 Ways To Increase Outreach Response Rates


Are you not satisfied with the results of your blogger outreach campaign? You are putting your 100% on finding link building opportunities on higher DA websites and crafting perfect outreach emails. However, in the end, all your efforts are going in vain because you are not getting responses back.

As per the survey of backlinko.com, only a mere of 8.5% outreach emails get responses from bloggers. There can be several reasons for that.

If you understand the mistakes you have been making with your outreach campaign, then you can correct them and increase the response rates.

Let’s know what you should take care of before making your outreach pitch.

1. Analyze the Blog Topics & their Ethics

Bloggers or influencers didn’t become popular in a day; they put their time and effort into building their position on the web. If some content doesn’t match their ethics, they would surely turn down that proposal.

It is necessary to know the intention of the bloggers and influencers to understand why they focus on certain blog topics. Otherwise, you might send your gaming links to a sports website and get rejected.

You need to research and analyze the bloggers’ intentions and ethics before pitching. Otherwise, you will waste your time following them up.

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2. Write an Effective Outreach Email Pitch

Crafting an effective and cold outreach email pitch is an important part of your outreach campaigns. Famous bloggers and influencers receive a lot of emails daily; your email needs to stand out among them to get noticed.

There are certain things you should follow while creating the best cold email pitch; those are:

  • For link building, you need to maintain connections with the bloggers. If you sent them a lot of automated emails, then you cannot get responses at all. Your emails should be manually written.
  • Mass emails without any personalization or name will get rejected. You need to mention why your content or link is worth sharing on their websites.
  • To add some more personal touch, you can address them with their names; putting “Dear Sir/ma’am” or “Dear website owners” doesn’t sound good.
  • Don’t send those repeated unsolicited emails with infographics, or else your message will straight go into their SPAM or junk folders.
  • Check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your emails.
  • You can approach the bloggers by knowing what type of collaboration they prefer. After confirming that send your proposals for a better response.
  • Bloggers generally link their collaboration page or media kits on their websites. From there, you will get an idea about their topics and related information. Then you can decide that if your content or links would fit into their websites or not.

3. Stay Motivated

Through your outreach journey, you will definitely come along with some bloggers who are hard to contact. However, this should not stop you from outreaching.

As mentioned earlier, bloggers work hard to get loyal followers. That’s why they would never endorse such products or services that won’t fit their ethics.

Most of the bloggers reject content or links of porn, gamble or some medications. You have to accept their rejections and move on.

Apart from that, some bloggers might not have any problem with your industry, but they are not sure about endorsing your products; or simply they don’t like your proposal. That’s when you need to come with some creative ways to impress them to get link building opportunities.

4. Excite & Engage their Readers

Most of bloggers create a website to fulfill their passion. It’s not about money all the time; that’s why they are pretty specific about the content that they post on their website.

If your content can engage the readers, the bloggers would get more followers and more traffic. If not, there will not be any responses from their side.

Moreover, you need to decide about the perfect outreach and link building campaigns too. You will get an idea about the preferred campaigns of the bloggers who have worked with your competitors before.

Even contacting bloggers from the same niche also helps in building connections easily.

You also need to understand what type of work the influencers or bloggers enjoy. Beauty-related websites prefer reviewing products, whereas car websites like to share vlogs on their page to engage their audiences.

Keep in mind that getting no response is bad, but the bloggers quitting your projects is the worst thing.

So, you have to stay clear about your proposal. Your outreach template needs to have detailed information about your campaign. Make sure you don’t bore the bloggers with your long emails that have fewer details.

5. Create the Best Email Subject Line

The subject line of your email is important as it can grab attention at first glance. You need to create a catchy email subject line to get noticed among the other outreach email pitches.

To create the best email subject line, you can try giving answers to the following questions.

  • What are the bloggers’ interests or intentions?
  • How do you propose to fulfill their needs or interests?

You can expect a 24.6% higher response rate when you write clear and long subject lines for your emails.

6. Follow Up

Do not think that if the bloggers do not reply to you after your initial email, then they have rejected your proposal.

As you already know that normally these bloggers get a lot of emails on a daily basis. There can be a possibility that they might have missed your emails. Also, they can be indulged in other things like vacations.

That’s why you need to send them follow-up emails to catch the recipients’ eyes. However, don’t bombard their mailboxes with too many emails. When you don’t get a response after 3-4 tries, this means they are not interested in your proposal.


You need to set your approach right. If you can do that perfectly following the above-mentioned points, then you can make your outreach campaign successful.

Do your research and then align your proposal with the needs of the bloggers and earn more links.