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Tips On Hiring A Professional Speaker


With the Covid-19 crisis almost behind us, many organizations are now looking to the future and one thing that most want to get back to is having events. Business conferences and seminars play such a vital role in helping an industry to grow and thrive because it is where ideas are exchanged and relationships are formed.

If you plan on producing an event, then you know that one of the most important decisions you make is on finding the right keynote and guest speakers. These are the experts who are going to ensure that your attendees are engaged and gain the most benefit from your event.

So if you plan on holding any type of event, here are some things you will need to consider when hiring a speaker:

Types Of Speakers

Selecting the right speaker can be overwhelming as there are speakers with different characteristics and specialties. It is important to understand the different types of speakers you can work with:

1. Inspirational Speakers.

If you want to keep your audience engaged with an inspiring story, then hiring a motivational speaker would be a great option. These are indivisuals who have overcome some form of adversity that will provide a highly compelling story. If you want to find an inspirational speaker, visit the website Motivational Speaker.

2. Humorist.

The humorist is a person who offers humor with a message. Professional comedians can generally mix their humor and message to suit the needs of the event. But generally speaking, these speakers are there to entertain your audience.

3. Celebrity.

A celebrity speaker can provide a name that will draw interest to your event. But they also command higher rates. It’s important to keep in mind that not all celebrity speakers are great presenters. Generally speaking, when you hire such a speaker, you are paying for their name and celebrity status.

4. Industry Leader.

The industry speaker is a person with experience in a particular industry who lectures on the same topic line. Industry-specific speakers are hired not for their level of motivation or humor, but rather for the input and depth they can give on a particular topic.

5. Keynote Speaker.

A keynote speaker is going to be your main headliner for the event. Not only are they responsible for setting the tone of the event with the first speech, but they are a main reason why people are attending your event. If you want to find a great keynote speaker, visit the website Keynote Speaker.

And if you have a strict budget, make sure to consider the different factors that will impact the cost of hiring a keynote speaker.

Speaker Agencies

One of the reasons why some organzations make mistakes when hiring a speaker is because most of the best speakers work with agents or “speaker bureaus”, which come to be agencies specialized in coordinating your efforts with the speaker.

The challenge when working with these speaker agencies is that, from the moment you contact them for a proposal, you become a potential client and start your way towards finding the best speaker for your next event or conference. While speaking agencies can be helpful in reaching out to sought-after personalities, remember that their motivation is to achieve as many sales as possible.

Another reason that leads us to the curious mystery of speaker pricing is how their proposed rates vary drastically based on geography, experience, and “celebrity” status.


It does not matter who you hire for the opening of your event, if they need to travel they will determine the final price. Some speakers set their rate based on the distance they are from the event itself, whether or not they have to travel by plane, or spend the night in a hotel. Keep this variable in mind when setting your budget and starting your search – you should plan to cover their travel, expenses and accommodation in full.


When it comes to fees, the industry and experience level of the speaker will drastically affect the final price. Emerging professionals or highly experienced speakers trying to position themselves as experts in a new field will speak for less money, while well-established industry experts will cost more money.

In addition, the preparation for the event that the speaker has to do, be it a presentation, performance, etc., will also affect the initial budget. If you want them to give a well-researched speech that they have already used on previous occasions to other audiences, the fee will be lower than if, on the other hand, they need to significantly alter their content or create a presentation from scratch.


When hiring a speaker, you are also going to need to consider their level of experience and status (This will also play a pivotal role in how you introduce them). Notable personalities, influencers, and celebrities are typically at the top of the speaker budget pyramid. This is a simple case of supply and demand, as their status opens the doors to many more offers than other less well-known speakers. While hiring a celebrity speaker can help your event with drawing a larger audience, they can also be much more difficult to work with.