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Organizing Your Home Office – 5 Essentials To Think About


Over the past year, most of us have had to get used to working from home. Some have found this fantastic, others… not so much. If you’re still struggling to get to grips with having your workspace in your living space, make sure you’re helping yourself in every way possible by adding these essentials to your work area.

1. Master The Basics.

Desk – check, chair – check, screens – check. If you work from home you’ve likely got the necessities. What you must think about is the quality of these items. Are you propped up on a wobbly desk with a folding chair? If so, you’re due for an overhaul. We spend around 7 hours of our day sitting in front of our screens. Make sure that you’re spending that time on a high-quality, ergonomic chair to prevent any aches. Check that your screen height is appropriate and no causing you neck pain.

2. Keep On Top Of Your Tech.

The caliber of your technology is important. Are you delivering work late due to slow internet speeds, or unable to sign documents because your printer keeps breaking? Think about the security of your gadgets, is your laptop adequately password protected? If not, invest in new devices to keep your work flowing without any annoying technical issues.

Go one step further and try secure printers to up your online safety and make sure your private documents don’t fall into the wrong hands! Even something as simple as adding an extra monitor can make life so much easier, save time and increase your productivity so think about incorporating one into your setup.

3. A Healthy Environment.

Ideally, your home office should have windows, be well lit, and suitably aired. However, it’s not always easy to achieve this, especially if your house or apartment is small. Try adding plants to the area to boost oxygen, freshen the air, reduce your stress, and boost your mood. Make sure you have adequate lighting so you’re not straining your eyes.

4. What Makes You Happy?

A great bonus of working from home is that you get to choose the décor. No drab greys and scuffed skirting boards, you can choose the colors, accessories, and furnishings. Think about elements that will elevate your mood. If you love the color red, add a bright rug to the floor. If art is your passion, ensure you have some pieces to view during the day. Add pieces that make you smile so you’re more likely to be happier and be more motivated. More motivation means more productivity and you’ll soon have your work done in no time!

5. Keep It Clean.

Your workspace must be kept clean and tidy to maximize your efficiency. Ever heard the phrase ‘tidy space equals tidy mind’? Well, it’s true! It’s super easy to let the paperwork pile up and forget to keep it clean as your focus is on your work. Try and take an hour each week to declutter and take away those empty coffee cups. Once your space is clear, your mind will be clear, and it will be far easier to focus on your work rather than the mountain of disorganized stuff around you. Trust me, your brain will thank you!

Have you been working from home this year? Let us know the difficulties you face and which tips you’ll be trying.



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