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Eyewear For Executives: It’s About How You See As Well As How You Look



Many young executives, consumed with the day-to-day of running a business, don’t have a lot of time to find the perfect eyewear. Many run a further risk: they spend all their free time trying to find glasses that suit their face, rather than glasses that are going to help them do their jobs.

Perhaps because many CEOs and executives tend to be well-off, the typical solution when you run out of time is to throw money at a problem and buy the “best” glasses money can buy.

Looking good as a top executive is no joke, though. In fact, research conducted by Princeton University in 2019 shows that people judge your competence based on how rich your outfit looks, and this process can take less than a second. But it’s vital to ensure you look the part and can see clearly. Too many glasses are about style, and too many executives ignore that glasses are meant to do much more than simply correct your vision.

Nowadays, technology exists to make glasses more than an accessory or corrective device, but rather an asset to your lifestyle.

It’s important especially in a position of power and responsibility that your glasses both look good and help you see well.

Don’t let smudges hamper your vision.

Executives are well known for their vision in the metaphoric sense. You need to be able to see very far indeed to make the decisions that matter most to your business. But many forget that vision also means simply to see out of your glasses. After a long day at work, or after a particularly tough meeting, you’d be surprised to see how smudged your glasses can get.

Glasses-wearers used to just have to remember to wipe them down with a cloth. Today, however, it’s possible to purchase glasses with an oleophobic coating that reduces or even eliminates smudges.

Not only will clean, polished glasses look more professional, but you’ll actually be able to see better. And that’s the main point of glasses after all.

Screen-time doesn’t have to keep you up

Over the past five years, the general public has become much more aware of the effect of screens (and the blue light that comes out of them) on productivity and sleep patterns.

Executives and CEOs are known for late hours, long days at the office, and relying on their phones for up-to-date information when away from their desks. All in all, it’s a recipe for a tremendous amount of blue light entering your system. While blue light during the day is harmless, when we see too much of it at night, it can disrupt the circadian rhythms that determine your body’s ability to sleep.

One metastudy summarized the effects of blue light on rest patterns, pointing out that “exposure to blue light can increase alertness and stimulate cognitive functions.” What’s more, concluded the researchers, “exposure to light-emitting e-readers at bedtime may negatively affect sleep and the circadian system.”

Eyewear that blocks blue light can help mitigate those effects. You can rest assured that your sleep patterns will be less disturbed and you’ll be better refreshed, able to tackle the important work you do every day. When looking for your next pair of glasses, look for ones that might limit the amount of blue light reaching your eyes.

Even if you don’t need corrected vision, you might consider investing in a pair of computer glasses that can help protect you from blue light.

Eyeglasses can help protect against the sun

When you think of eyewear that can help block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, most people think first of sunglasses. The truth is that today’s vision-correcting lenses also have the capacity to help screen the worst of the sun’s damage.

While many executives do most of their work indoors, there are those who do some outdoors – lunch meetings in nice weather, walking to work, or just going for a stroll during a break to get your cognitive juices flowing. Even driving in bright light can bring some exposure to the sun.

By opting for a pair of UV protection glasses, you can accomplish a few things: first, you’ll be squinting less, as the glasses block some of the sun. You’ll find it easier to see in bright light, whether walking or driving. And most importantly, you’ll be protecting both your eyes and the skin around your eyes from sun damage.

Unfiltered, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and even development of a rare cancer type called ocular melanoma, according to this article published in the University of Utah’s blog.

Eyewear for executives is more about just looks

Many CEOs and executives wear glasses – whether for day-to-day work, for reading, or just at the computer. Because so much of branding and success is focused on outward appearances, many CEOs are too focused on looking good in them rather than being able to see well.

While appearances certainly matter, especially in important positions of responsibility, glasses can do much more than help you see as well as your peers. Nowadays, glasses can help with the sun, blue light, and protect against the smudges you’ll accumulate throughout the day.

Next time you’re in the market for eyewear, consider more than just the frames and style. Make sure you’re selecting a pair that will help you do your job to the very best.


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