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What To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Business Name


Choosing the right name for your company is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting your new business. This an opportunity to get creative, and a business name generator like Namify can help you find one with the right feel. There are also many practical concerns to consider.

Here are six things to ask yourself as you make your decision:

Can This Name Grow With Your Business?

When naming your business, ask yourself if that name is one that can grow with your company. You want to avoid being so specific that you pigeon-hole your company. You may want to steer away from words that confine your growth to a single product or geographic area.

Is This Name Unique?

Your business needs a name that isn’t associated with any other company. This is important for developing your brand’s image but also for legal reasons. You should do a thorough search to determine if there are any other businesses that currently have that name or one similar enough to confuse consumers. You can search in a few different places:

  1. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website
  2. Secretary of State websites
  3. Search engines

Are Domains and Social Media Handles Available?

You want to make sure you are easy to find online. Before you settle on a name, double-check that it is available as a domain and on social media. Additionally, look at the websites and social media accounts of businesses with similar names. Is there a likely chance that a consumer would confuse those sites with yours?

A business name generator like Namify can be a useful tool for checking the availability of domains and social media handles. If not available, you should consider whether that name is right for you.

Does This Name Make Sense for My Business?

The name you choose needs to make sense for your company. For example, if you’re creating a fun product for children, a formal name may not best represent you. Conversely, if you’re working in a serious industry, you should consider something that reflects that.

Will This Name Look Good as a Logo?

Try to imagine your name as a logo. You want something flexible enough to look great across different media, including business cards, websites, and street signs. Names that are too long or too wordy often don’t translate well visually. A brand name generator like Namify also offers logo designs so can visualize how your logo will look right away and factor that into your decision.

Is This Name Easy To Understand?

It may be tempting to get creative with the spelling in order to stand out, but you should consider whether a potential customer will be able to easily read and understand your name. You don’t want to have to explain or spell it out. Keep it simple.

As you’re searching, you may want to use a business name generator to help you find the right one. Consider these questions as you do to determine whether the name you choose will work for your business.



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