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3 Perks You Can Offer Employees To Inspire Loyalty


There’s no denying that a productive workplace is a happy workplace. However, with 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic still having an effect on 2021, productivity and happiness are down quite a bit across the board. With employees just being able to return to work and still being panicked about the persistence of Covid-19, it’s more important than ever that employers offer perks to go with the job to make their employees happy, boost productivity, and increase loyalty at the same time.

In this article, you’ll find a few tips on what perks to offer your employees this year to increase their loyalty.

1. Reduced Prescription Drug Costs and Discounts.


The cost of health care has become a major problem for everyone, from employers to employees. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the best perks you can offer your staff to ensure their loyalty is high-quality health care and reduced prescription drug costs and discounts. After, all sometimes even the best health insurance plan leaves something to be desired, especially when is comes to the purchase price for prescription medications.

That’s why you should also enroll your employees in the USARx health marketplace so that they not only have great health insurance that you provide them with, but can get discounts on prescription medications that they need without having to meet high deductibles, high co-pays, and other hoops that normally need to be jumped through to get a reasonable price on prescriptions. The digital health marketplace is a USA Rx site that helps you get your prescriptions at a pharmacy in most parts of the United States. Medical treatment is expensive, but so is medication. Sign your employees up for USA Rx and increase their loyalty to you twofold.

2. Free Lunches and Snacks.


It’s crucial for you to be protecting your company and employees from threats that come in on social media, blogs, forums, or the dark web, as well as the physical security of your building, employees, and operations. Using LifeRaft to monitor and be alerted right away about any cyberthreat will keep your employees safe, and that will be well appreciated. Nonetheless, there’s more to protecting your employees and keeping them happy than this type of security, though loyal employees certainly appreciate it.

Another perk that you could give your employees to boost productivity, happiness, and loyalty would be free lunches and snacks. Offering free lunch to your employees keeps them focused because they aren’t concentrating on where they’re going to go for lunch when noon rolls around. Free lunches also prompt coworkers to talk, when they might have gone their separate ways for lunch normally, which fosters friendships and makes employees happier also.

If lunches aren’t an option for your business, try offering cold drinks and snacks throughout the day to keep your employees hydrated and productive. Remember, a hungry employee is a cranky employee, so they aren’t going to get anything done.

3. Game Room.


Just as snacks and cold drinks keep your employees from being cranky and unfocused, taking breaks throughout the workday increases their creativity, gives them more motivation, and lets them return from their break energized and ready to work. Breaks are necessary, so why not encourage them to get to know their co-workers by having a game room set up for them to take their breaks in? Friendly, competitive games in a designated game room can foster team spirit and team building as well.

These are just a few perks that you can easily provide for your employees to boost their productivity, happiness, and loyalty in these tiring times. Everyone needs a little happiness at the moment. The fact that you’re providing that for your employees will go a long way.