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[Review] Crypto Engine – Scam Or Legit?


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The Crypto Engine app is a trading software that allows traders and investors to enjoy the rewards of the blockchain industry by trading cryptocurrencies. The trading application links traders with some of the top brokers providing a smooth trading experience. Crypto Engine was launched back in 2018 to enable little or no trading experience to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Crypto Engine users have the opportunity to trade different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others without necessarily holding the actual cryptocurrencies. This mode of crypto trading is known as crypto CFD trading. 

Crypto contract for difference (CFD) trading is a method that allows traders to invest in a cryptocurrency by engaging in a contract between themselves and the brokerage.  The cryptocurrency industry has developed into a highly competitive but lucrative industry. Majority of people from all corners of the world are engaging in cryptocurrencies due to the abundant benefits they present. Nevertheless, although cryptocurrencies are good, they have their own fair share of disadvantages such as possible hacking.

You can visit the Crypto Engine official website here.

Is Crypto Engine a scam or legit?

There is a possibility that you have probably heard about traders generating thousands of dollars in profits daily through platforms like Crypto Engine. Some of these claims are true, if the trader has invested huge sums of money and has many years of trading experience. Others are false claims only aimed to lure in unsuspecting victims. Answering if Crypto Engine is a scam, we decided to investigate the platform using real funds.

Crypto Engine is one of the few reliable platforms affiliated to some of the top brokers in the world. The platform has plenty of evidence to back its high win-rate claims. Crypto Engine offers its users legit services to its users and it is a viable option for 2021. Before we dig deeper into how Crypto Engine works, it is good to know what automated trading is and where it originated from. 

What is automated trading?

Now that we are here, what is automated trading, what does it do and why should you even care? Conducting technical analysis is quite a challenging task especially to beginners. There are traders who have spent the majority of their lives learning trading theories and trying to understand market trends and patterns. Regardless of all the effort, these individuals end up committing errors and executing wrong trades every now and then, which ends up to be very costly. 

Crypto Engine is designed to scan the crypto market and conduct fundamental analysis on behalf of its users. For beginners, understanding the cryptocurrency market can be extremely complex and can take a lot of time. Trading platforms like Crypto Engine are designed to ease beginners into crypto trading by taking care of technical analysis, and executing profitable trades with the underlying brokers. These applications are more accurate and execute trades at a faster speed than humans. 

Getting started with Crypto Engine.

The onboarding process on Crypto Engine is simplified and it does not consume much of your time. There is no subscription fee charged for registering with Crypto Engine. To get on board, you have to complete the following stages:

  • Visit the Crypto Engine official website
  • Press the registration button on the home page
  • Fill in the requested details i.e. name, email address and mobile number
  • Create a robust password 
  • Submit the information and then wait for the confirmation email. 

Placing your first trade.

After successfully creating and verifying your account, the next step is to deposit your initial investment. However, it is advisable to take a tour and learn how the platform works. After satisfactorily touring every feature of the trading platform, it’s now time to deposit funds into your account. The minimum trading amount required to begin live trading is $250. Brokers affiliated to Crypto Engine allow a variety of payment options such as credit/debit card, bank wire transfer or even digital payment options such as Skrill and Netteler. 

Crypto Engine key features.

The trading platform comes with a variety of unique and other common features. Here are some of the key features found on Crypto Engine:

Account creation: The registration is generally easy and quick to complete. The software is created to enable a user to get into trading with minimal delays. To obtain quick approval and access to the trading feature, users need to provide accurate information during registration. No registration charges are involved. 

Withdrawal: Some trading platforms require up to a week to process client withdrawal requests. Such platforms are likely to inconvenience the client’s plans with the funds. Crypto Engine users are not subject to such delays. Withdrawal requests on Crypto Engine are processed within 48 hours of request. The only time a client is required to have a little patience is when requesting huge amounts like $10K and above. 

Deposit: Some automated trading accounts require traders to maintain a minimum of $1,000 in their accounts to remain active. With Crypto Engine things are much different and more considerable to small and medium scale traders. The minimum investment required to keep Crypto Engine running and generating profits is $250. An affordable minimum investment encourages beginners to trade on the platform.

Reliable application: Crypto Engine has become highly popular among cryptocurrency traders. There are a variety of third-party customer feedback platforms online, review boards and online publications that claim Crypto Engine to be legitimate. In other words, Crypto Engine must be very popular among traders to receive such positive acknowledgement. 

Crypto Engine – Final verdict.

Generally, Crypto Engine is highly vetted and a proven application. The software has proven to be among the best in the industry with a high success rate of over 88 percent and its high speed processing. Besides, the software has countless positive online reviews of people who are making money through it in real life.  

Nevertheless, there are always risks associated with any trading software out there. Even with an 88 percent success rate, the crypto market will always remain unpredictable. As a trader you should always endeavor to learn and acquire more knowledge where feasible. You can start from here to join Crypto Engine.



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