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Can You Turn Your Love Of Sports Into A Business?


One of the single best ways to create a business model that you can put your passion and effort behind is to work in a field that matches what drives and interests you. Some people find their path easily, but others might wonder how exactly they can turn their passion into something sustainable and profitable. For instance, you might be into sports but, without being an athlete yourself, how exactly do you make money from that?

Here, we’re going to look at a few business ideas that could make good use of that love of sports, and just how it can make some money.

Take some shots of the action.

Even if you can’t be involved in the game itself, you can definitely be involved in capturing some of the most memorable moments that happen during it. If you have a decent camera as well as a passion for photography, you can combine that with your love of sports. There are going to be all manners of opportunity to sell your photos, such as taking them for local papers and bloggers or selling them to larger publications. The better you know the sport, the better you know your photography subject and can capture them, too.

Get in the market for memorabilia.

There are a lot of people who see the value in rare sporting gear, from championship rings to rare jerseys to collectible cards and beyond. If you’re the kind of person who follows the value of things like the most iconic and valuable NFL gear as a hobby and follows the markets for whatever pieces are on offer at the moment, then you could potentially make some money. Effectively, you could run a business that scoops up memorabilia across all manner of auctions and markets and sells it in your own store, whether that’s an eCommerce site or across the many marketplaces already available on the net.

Offer training for fledgling athletes.

You don’t have to be a sporting veteran in order to work with athletes. If you have a great approach to health and fitness, then you could see about getting a personal training license for yourself. After the necessary education, you could be equipped with the skills to help all manner of fledging athletes work on their physical conditioning, making sure they’re in peak form for whenever their game comes up. On a more basic level, you could run a fitness camp for local kids, helping more people get into physical activity and sports as a result, fostering your sporting community that way.

Got something to say about it?

If you have a particular level of insight that you think the world is lacking when it comes to your favorite sport, then what’s stopping you from sharing it? There’s no denying that there are plenty of sports blogs and podcasts already out there, but if your takes are truly unique, you can make your audience. You then go on to monetize that platform by, for instance, joining affiliate or advertising programs that allow you to work with a range of brands and their marketing teams.

Be the place to catch the game.

Another business that might be a little more removed from the field itself, but still plays an important role in the overall sports culture and local landscape is that of the sports bar. If you have some experience in hospitality, then acquiring a license to open and operate a bar, especially if it’s close to a local stadium, can be a fantastic way to capitalize on your love of the game, especially if you’re able to broadcast or stream local games.

Help athletes manage their stardom.

If you have a penchant for the written word, or simply for managing public expectations, then you might be surprised to learn those skills are much more relevant to the sporting industry than you might think. Sports marketing plays a huge role in helping athletes and teams get big. On a more personal level, sporting personalities will require their own PR management to make sure that their image stays as clean and positive in the public environment as possible, and often they need help from a professional to do that.

Of course, the business ideas above aren’t going to be for everyone. If you can’t make your love of sports work as a business, then it’s worth looking at other passions and how they can expand into some form of money-making venture. But hopefully, the ideas above can, at least, offer some inspiration.


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