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Tips For Making 2021 The Year You Find Purpose (And Why It Matters)


by Katie Sandler

Having a sense of purpose in life is associated with a range of qualities, including being more successful and living a happier life. In fact, research published in the JAMA Network Open finds that having a strong sense of purpose in life leads to improvements in both physical and mental health, and it enhances one’s overall quality of life. If there’s one goal people set for the new year, it’s a good idea to make it finding their purpose.

There are so many great benefits of finding and living your life’s purpose. The problem is that many people are not quite sure how to do that. They feel lost in trying to discover what their purpose is. All of that can change this year.

This year, I’m recommending that people make it their top goal to discover what their purpose is and to live with purpose. Once they do that, they will not only have the health benefits that come, but they will succeed in living the life they want. Their overall life satisfaction and happiness level will increase as well. Having a sense of purpose helps people to live with intention and clarity, because they know what they want and how to get it.

Finding one’s life purpose isn’t something that most people do overnight. It’s a process of self-exploration that takes time and patience. The key is to create a long-term plan for your life that will help you to more fully enjoy each day.

Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Get to know yourself.

To do this, you have to do some exploration and ask some questions. What is it that you like, what makes you happy, what do you not like? Narrow down those things that you feel passionate about.

Work with someone.

Many people turn to others for help in order to discover their purpose. You can do this by asking other people what their thoughts are on what your gifts are for the world and what your strengths are. You can also do this by working with a life coach, who can help you tap into your purpose and show you how to harness the power of it.

Become more mindful.

Being mindful is a great way to help live life with awareness and self-awareness. It’s also a key component to helping you achieve goals. And ultimately, it enables you to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

Make the commitment.

Rather than just saying this will be the year of finding and living your purpose, really commit to it. Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how important is it for you to find your purpose? If it’s below a six, don’t bother. But if it’s above a six, create a plan of action in order to find it – be it working with a coach, finding a self-help book – make sure you follow through.

Be patient.

Transformation such as this doesn’t happen overnight; it’s going to take time. Be gentle with yourself, go with the flow, and keep yourself on track. Little efforts here and there will add up along the way to big results. Believe in yourself.

I’ve helped many people find their purpose and live their true life. It’s amazing what it can do for people in terms of success, happiness, and overall quality of life. There’s just no other substitute, so make this the year that it happens.


Katie Sandler is a popular impact and private wellness coach. She offers retreats around the world, as well as private coaching and corporate impact coaching opportunities. She focuses on helping people become more successful, overcome adversity, and reach new career goals. She offers a variety of one-on-one coaching and corporate opportunities, as well as wellness and impact retreats.