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Making Time For Your Health In Your Busy Schedule


You’re a very busy person, with a lot of responsibilities on your plate, aren’t you? But hey, that’s how you like it! The business is doing well, you’re networking like crazy, and you’re proud of the product you’re innovating. However, you can’t shake the feeling of fatigue, or that weird nausea in your stomach… 

All in all, you can’t stop focusing on what’s going on in your professional life, and that’s why your health is starting to slip lately. But with the lockdown forcing us all to focus on ourselves a little bit more, such as what we should be eating to stay healthy and how much exercise we’re missing out on, your unhealthy lifestyle (despite bringing you a lot of outward success) is showing now more than ever. 

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to make much needed time for your health within your busy schedule, and with the points below, we’re going to show you just how easy that can be to pull off. 

The Power of Meal Prep.

Meal prepping could quite possibly save your life, or indeed, the balance of it. Because we all know just how long it can take to put dinner together in the evening, or even wake up early enough to fit breakfast in and then also get out to work on time. You might be someone who skips meals entirely, which is never good, or you’re someone who just grabs a granola bar or a slice of toast and zooms off, which is also less than healthy.

Either way, it’s time to get to grips with meal prep. It’s easy to do, easy to keep up with, and ensures you’re eating right (and having plenty of tasty things to dig into) day by day. Most of all, if you know you’re missing a few things from your diet, such as a bit of protein or a lot of fibre, you can incorporate them very easily by planning ahead. 

So, you can find a good list of the best meal prep foods right here, and as long as you’ve got the freezer space and the containers to put your creations in, it won’t be hard to get started with. 

Meet Your Friends for a Run.

So, you’ve got a social life to get a handle on, but you really need to try and fit a few more workouts in as well. You can feel stuck between the two, and it’s hard to prioritise one over the other – after all, they both factor into your mental and physical health. What are you supposed to do, when your schedule is packed and your friends are supposed to meet you after work, but you want to fit a run in as well? 

Combine the two! Ask your friends to come running or swimming with you a couple times a week, or head down the gym together for an hour. It’ll certainly make your workout a lot more fun to get through, and you’ll have some real support on hand that’ll certainly boost your self esteem when you’re drenched with sweat and feeling like you can’t go on. 

And even if your friends aren’t all too fond of the workout themselves, they can always head out with you for the bite to eat afterwards. Either that, or find a club you can all enjoy together, that features fitness at its core, and sign up!

Make Your Doctor’s Appointment Technologically Convenient.

Making a doctor’s appointment can be a real ordeal. You can spend ages on the phone just waiting to get through to the desk, and you can feel like you’re talking in circles when someone does finally pick up. And then when they issue you an appointment, it’s either in the next 30 minutes (which you certainly can’t make), or it’s for a very inconvenient time in the future. Either way, it seems much easier to just not see a doctor at all, and either look up potential symptoms on the internet, or try and work through them. 

But that’s not a healthy road ahead for anyone. You need to be able to talk to a medical professional, and you need to be able to get assurance and/or a diagnosis when you’re sure something might be wrong. And whilst you might not be able to clear your schedule entirely for a doctor’s appointment, you can certainly cut down how long it takes, and how much it inconveniences you. 

For example, instead of heading down a pharmacy and putting in a prescription, you could find an official medical website that’s now offering a digital NHS prescription service. Simply register yourself with their systems, and ask your doctor to forward all prescriptions through them, and then get it delivered to your door without any extra input from you. Simple! 

Change the Office to Suit You.

And finally, if you’re forced to spend a lot of time at work, and that’s quite honestly the way you like it, it’s an idea to change the office to suit you. Make a few tweaks here and there, to ensure you’re not always just sitting around and letting your legs so stiff. Most of all, an 8+ hour work day is one of the most unhealthy things to do in your life, but there’s some interesting tech out there that could help. 

So what should you be looking to get your hands on? Maybe a standing desk, or a chair with inbuilt lumbar support, or even just a memory foam mouse pad that’ll halt the development of carpal tunnel is a good thing to invest in here. You can also get keyboards that are curved to better suit where you position your hands, and it’s never too expensive to invest in a couple of cushions to make your desk chair a bit more comfy! 

Your health shouldn’t take a backseat throughout your career. Make sure you’re prioritising it via the use of the tips above.