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10 Tips For Office Managers


Office managers are the heart and soul of every organization. Besides keeping the office in order, many also handle reception, accounting, and payroll. What’s more, besides all the industry-based technical skills an office manager has to possess, there are other generic qualities they should have in the bag, such as time management. However, don’t let the above responsibilities deter you.

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned office manager, these ten tips for office managers will help.

1. Outsource Tasks.

In most cases, office managers are seen as the jack of all trades and the holders of all the answers. With all this pressure and responsibility, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of to-do items. Altogether, it’s hard work to stay on top of the job if you’re trying to do it all. This is mainly because when one department suffers, the office manager suffers along with them.

To ensure you don’t strain yourself, it’s best to outsource work that could be done by others. This allows you to stay focus on oversight and management. For example, let’s say the business has to get the word out about some goods or services. Rather than the office manager bearing the administrative load, outsourcing the entire marketing campaign will be a better idea. Many companies, such as 2Marketing, can help in that respect.

This marketing, SEO, and consulting service uses unique strategies to showcase clients and merchandise. Their methods and processes are channeled towards growth and attracting new customers. On the ground, they have a global team of experts that employ modern techniques and strategies to take brand names to the next level and make whatever merchandise you’re selling attractive to a wide array of potential customers. A simple visit to 2marketing.com is all that is required for a free consultation.

2. Be Client Orientated.

It’s always a good idea to ensure that your client records are up to date and easily accessible. So, try to make it a part of company culture to monitor your client list regularly. That way, your organization can stay on top of email marketing and handing out promotional merchandise. With every promotional product sent out, a potential faithful customer is born. However, to ensure your promotional campaigns are effective enough, it’s best to use a specialized service.

You can seek help from businesses like The Branded Company. They create good-quality but affordable promotional merchandise. They can design accessories and branded corporate gifts in the form of wooden pens, notebooks, mugs, and more. Some of the trusted brands they work with include Holiday Inn, Jack Daniels, Marie Curie, StarBucks, Adidas, and YMCA. If you’re looking for some fun seasonal items or promotional products to share with clients, The Branded Company are sure to have some creative ideas for you.

3. Motivate When Needed.

The thing about hard work is that not everyone is always pumped for it. Sometimes, when we start a task, our energy levels are at an all-time high — only to decline within a couple of hours. In situations like this, projects will drag on unnecessarily if the problem is left unchecked. This is why good motivational tactics are required.

Motivation can come in the form of perks or complimenting individuals for being a great source of ideas. Without all this and more, employee experience will begin to tip over into the red zone. Does that matter? You bet it does. Nowadays, many companies only attract the best talent based on how their current workforce rates them. A great way to make your company more desirable is by landing a spot on the global site, Great Place to Work. Some of the best organizations they’ve worked with include Hilton, Cisco, and Venterra Realty.

Venterra Realty is a real estate and property management company based in Austin, Texas. They originally started with four apartment communities but now own a total of 59. Moreover, they house more than 29,000 people as well as 6,000 pets. With a combination of technological solutions and human interaction, Venterra runs and maintains its properties and residents. With such a huge undertaking, you would think that employee satisfaction may suffer, but Venterra has made employee experience a key tenet of the organization. If you’re looking for ways to inspire employees, take a look at the great work they are doing.

4. Save Time With Technology.

There’s always a better way to get things done. Rather than storing documents in huge filing rooms, upload soft copies to a cloud folder. Likewise, instead of going through the process of handling payments, seek out online check printing companies like SmartPayables.

This is an Arizona based company that operates accounts payable payment solutions for enterprises. Seeing as they use tried and tested airtight technologies, a range of organizations are comfortable outsourcing their document printing and mailing to them. They put various systems in place to cut down on time spent, manpower, and business resources to print, mail, and make payments. Some of their esteemed clientele include Uber, PayPal, and Charity on Top.

5. Keep the Office Tidy.

This next tip might come off as one of the simplest tasks to do in the grand scheme of things, but it’s often the smallest things that go unnoticed. When your office is jam-packed with stuff, it can be very difficult to concentrate on the job at hand. In that case, renting a small storage unit or a large storage unit (depending on how many belongings you have) to keep excess stuff is a step in the right direction. Companies like U.S Self Storage can offer a great deal in that aspect. Their resourceful online storage unit finder comes with a dedicated size guide for storage units.

They offer access to almost a dozen self-storage types and a range of vehicle storage types in just about any city in the United States of America. Thanks to their thorough unit size guide, no assistance is needed when sourcing for and visualizing the capacity of their available options to secure the best fit. With enough space for your belongings, you’ll have a tidier office and be able to focus on your projects.

6. Research Vendors Carefully.

In some organizations, vendor and supplier management are a big part of an office manager’s work scope. You may need vendors or suppliers for both specific needs that may be internal or external. Regardless of what you need them for, sourcing for suppliers is a delicate business. All office supplies like paper, staplers, and even water bottles are vital to an organization’s day-to-day efficiency.

Speaking of water, whether you opt for a water cooler or have your water supplied in a Voss water bottle, the supplier needs to be reliable and efficient. Companies like Labrador Source come to mind in that aspect. They’re a trusted direct delivery bottled water supplier based in Canada. They offer a wide range of premium bottled water brands (including artesian water) to locations all over Canada. With 131 years of experience under their belt, they maintain the title of the oldest and largest drink delivery company in the nation.

7. Never Stop Learning.

The world is on an upwards trajectory when it comes to advancement. As such, there’ll always be something new to learn. Seeing as no one is all-knowing, it’s a good idea to enroll yourself in courses that keep you up to date with current advancements in your field and industry. If the aim is to achieve career growth and progression, then never underestimate the power of more knowledge. Remember, to upskill is to remain relevant.

8. Delegate Properly.

Some managers need to hear this: nobody hired you to be the company servant. It would help if you learned to delegate work, so you don’t get crushed under the pile. An overworked leader isn’t a great leader; the only way to lead appropriately is to delegate efficiently. The keyword there is ‘efficiently.’ Recognize your subordinate’s strengths and weaknesses, then delegate based on that.

9. Communication is Key.

In any leadership role, it’s impossible to get anywhere if the communication channels are clogged. For office managers, you’re likely to be the first point of contact for clients as well as new and current employees. As such, both written and verbal communication should be a must. In fact, at the core of good leadership is good communication.

10. Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills.

Managing staff can be hard and it often demands a whole lot of empathy. But if you’re in charge of both handling staff and overlooking important aspects of an organization’s operations, your problem-solving skills better be on point. Many conflicts and issues will arise. So being able to step in and think on your feet will save you a whole lot of grief.

That being said, it’s also worth noting that many people think that emotions have no place in the workplace, but humans are emotional beings at their core. A huge part of being an office manager involves handling different temperaments and solving issues that may directly or indirectly impact workflow. These issues could be anything from petty workplace squabbling to a valued employee looking to quit because of a tedious commute to work. In such situations, it’s best to comfort your staff with solutions.


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