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Why Are So Many People Turning To Fitness Franchises In The UK?


When the country entered into a nationwide lockdown, back in March 2020, many business owners were fearing the worst; as doors were closed and businesses locked up, it was a time of caution and trepidation. Gyms were amongst those businesses forced to close and one of the last that was able to reopen.

With that being the case, it may be surprising to some that now is the ideal time to consider investing in a fitness franchise UK wide.

Why consider a gym franchise opportunity UK wide?

In the pre-pandemic era, gyms and fitness centres certainly had their place in our society. Residents in the UK seemed to have discovered a newfound focus on getting fit and looking good. This had a positive impact on the industry. The British Franchise Association (BFA) reported in 2015 that 97% of UK fitness franchises had made a profit.

What drove us to the gyms and fitness centres in our hoards? We were suddenly seeing an increase in messages coming from the government, and via media outlets, relating to the obesity crisis that the UK was facing. This robust message certainly had a positive impact on the UK fitness industry and began to have a positive impact on many lives too.

Then came COVID-19.

With the initial lockdown and the subsequent delay in re-opening gyms, it may have seemed ludicrous to consider a fitness franchise opportunity in the UK. But the pandemic has in fact benefited the gym and fitness industry.

Similar to the reports being presented back in 2015-2016, the media has been awash with articles pertaining to the health of UK citizens. The evidence so far suggests strong links between an individual’s weight and fitness levels, and their likelihood of being severely impacted by COVID-19.

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson succumbed to the virus himself he openly admitted that his weight and lack of fitness had only added to his battle. Boris then, very publicly, launched his drive to lose weight and get into shape.

Has Boris driven the demand for fitness franchise opportunities?

The message coming from the PM was abundantly clear; as a nation, we need to get fitter, healthier and more active. Alongside all of the preventative measures already in place, the country was (and still is) being told that we could take positive action ourselves to lessen the impact of contracting this virus.

The country is constantly being told that it has to prepare for a ‘new normal’. With measures announced on 22nd September 2020 looking to last for the foreseeable future, there are other changes that will be equally, if not more so, long-lasting. The PM’s message, alongside his own actions, have seen an upsurge in people seeking a way to get themselves into shape and increase their fitness levels.

A surge in demand for UK gym franchises and fitness franchises.

Post lockdown, the nation isn’t just looking to boost their immune system to fight against any infection. There is a nation of people that have faced significant weight gain and are keen to return to their pre-lockdown appearance.

It is these factors that have seen the fitness industry continuing to flourish within the UK and this is unlikely to flounder. The new normal isn’t just about social distancing. It doesn’t just involve face masks and the washing of hands. The new normal is a nation taking their health and fitness seriously. The new normal is a nation keen to tackle an obesity crisis. The new normal is here to stay and this presents a fantastic opportunity.

What are the options for a gym or fitness franchise?

Whilst certain businesses are still reeling and trying to establish a recovery plan from the pandemic, the gym and fitness sector is uniquely placed to benefit from this and go from strength to strength. Now is the time to forge forward and create a long-lasting, successful business.