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Should You Buy YouTube Views?


It’s hard to grow your YouTube channel. The competition is tough. There are more than 31 million YouTube channels and over 5 billion videos on the service. It can feel impossible to get the attention of the algorithm. It’s frustrating to upload a video and not get any views.

However, YouTube also has more than 2 billion monthly users. That means your audience is there. You just need a strategy to find them.

Buying YouTube views could be the best thing you can do for your YouTube channel. Before you freak out, you need to understand that you can buy real YouTube views ethically. You don’t have to cheat the system or game the algorithm.

The key is proving to the YouTube algorithm that you have amazing content to share.

Catching the Attention of the Algorithm.

YouTube is owned by Google and is the second-largest search engine in the world. Most people find content on YouTube initially by searching for something. However, once a viewer is on the platform, the YouTube algorithm drives traffic to videos through its powerful recommendation engine.

The exact mechanics of the algorithm are shrouded in mystery. But, we do know a few things about it. The goal of the algorithm is to show viewers content they will watch. YouTube wants to keep you on their platform as long as possible.

This is why it is so hard to get views on your new videos. The algorithm is much more likely to push content that already has views and positive traction.

To get views on YouTube, you need to have some views already. You can’t catch the YouTube algorithm’s attention until your videos already have some traction on their own.

Jumpstarting Your Channel.

Buying YouTube views allows you to jumpstart your channel. When you start sending your own traffic to your videos, YouTube notices and organically pushes your content. You can buy YouTube views cheap and ethically.

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel through YouTube ads, you need to rack up 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 watch hours in 12 months. If you relied solely on organic traffic, you might never get there. If you are using a YouTube channel as a way to generate leads, you still need to get the attention of the algorithm. Otherwise, nobody will see your killer content.

Traffic jumpstarts your channel, and paid views are the most cost-effective source of traffic.

What To Do Before Buying Views or Subscribers.

Buying YouTube subscribers and views is a powerful shortcut for launching your YouTube channel. However, before you invest money in driving traffic, you need to make sure your channel and videos are fully optimized.

Just like a rocket needs a secure launching pad, your channel needs a strong SEO foundation before you start trying to get the YouTube algorithm’s attention.

You will want to make sure you have great video content. You want to make sure that when you start getting organic viewers, they have something worth watching.

You also want to have a high-quality profile picture and channel banner. You want your channel and videos to look as professional as possible.

Lastly, you need to make sure you are using all the meta-content for your videos and your channel. This means using SEO keywords and writing compelling titles and descriptions for each video.

Once you have taken care of these basics, you are ready for the next phase.

What Does It Mean to Buy Real YouTube Views?

There are a lot of services that promise to sell you views. But not every service is the same. Buying views is not expensive, but you should stay away from the cheapest services.

Why? Because many services are not sending real views to your YouTube channel. Instead, they are bot farms. They are trying to trick YouTube by using bots disguised as real people. If YouTube catches you using bots to generate fake views, you could be banned.

You want real views. When you buy real YouTube views, you are paying real people to watch your videos. It is a little more expensive, but it is ethical, and it works better. Real views show the algorithm that you have interesting content that people are watching all the way through.

Should You Also Buy Real YouTube Subscribers?

For most people, buying real YouTube views will help them get some quick momentum. But, it may not be enough. If you are trying to generate fast growth or are trying to become eligible for monetization as fast as possible, you will also want to buy real YouTube subscribers.

Once your channel has 1,000 subscribers, you will usually notice a strong uptick in traffic. You also increase the chances of getting the 4,000 watch hours you need to be eligible for monetization.

Just like with views, you can ethically buy YouTube subscribers, or you can game the system. Gaming the system is cheaper in the short-term but doesn’t help you long-term and jeopardizes your account.

Buying real YouTube subscribers is not much more expensive and is a much more cost-effective way to build your channel.

Creating videos is like planting crops. Buying views and subscribers is like preparing the ground and watering the crops so that the crops grow tall and strong.

The goal of buying views and subscribers is to give your content the push it needs to start getting organic views and subscribers as quickly as possible.

You are putting a lot of effort into creating compelling video content. You want to grow your business. Putting your videos up without doing anything to drive traffic will just make you frustrated.

You can’t help anyone if nobody can see your videos. If your video is just a blip among 5 billion other videos, there isn’t much point to making videos in the first place.

When you invest in YouTube views and YouTube subscribers, you will attract organic views and subscribers right away. Your videos will be out in the world, and through your work you will be connecting with the people you are trying to reach.


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