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Hands-On Small Business Ideas


Creating your own small business may be the dream, but first you need to consider what your business will entail. While some people are happy working in front of a computer, others prefer a more hands-on approach, using skills that require more manual tasks.

Some businesses of this type may require training and qualifications, whereas others might simply require a bit of ingenuity and building up a contact base.

These types of businesses may also require either a working premises or usage of a vehicle, so any licensing for that will be needed prior to your official start up.

Motorcycle Repair.

While auto repair shops are fairly common, those that cater to motorcycles can be scarcer. Following training in motorcycle repair, you could opt to open up your own repair shop. This may specialise in a specific make of motorcycle, such as Suzuki or Harley Davidson, or simply cater to all. You may choose to offer simple servicing and general repairs. Or, in the event of a motorbike crash, once the client has taken pictures of their damaged vehicle and spoken to their motorcycle injury lawyer, you may offer more extensive repairs. This may or may not also include a vehicle recovery service.

Some of the other financial costs of opening your own motorcycle repair shop will be your trade insurance, as well as ensuring you have good quality tools so that you can repair the vehicles. Having a good working relationship with local sellers of motorcycle parts may also come in handy.

Plumbing Business.

One of the trades that will always be required is that of the plumber. People always have bathrooms or sinks in need of repair, alongside generalised pipework. From here, you might opt to train further to be able to service boilers, or become a gas engineer to increase your skills and potential income.

To become successful in the plumbing trade, you may need to build up a client base from scratch, or work in partnership with another plumber. While you may be able to set your own hours, these will need to align with your clients’ availability. It would also be a good idea to invest in a commercial plumbing cost estimating software. Customers always appreciate being able to get a fairly accurate quote quickly.

Electrician Business.

Another sought after role is the electrician. Similarly, to the plumber, electricians are always needed. Due to this, it may be fairly simple to set up a client base where you live. You will typically need to have a minimum of a high school diploma to enter into an apprenticeship, or a trade school, to gain your qualifications. From here, you will require insurance to carry out your business.

Once you have decided what type of business you wish to pursue, you can start reaching towards it. It may be beneficial to continue working at your regular job at the same time to allow yourself funds to both start your business, and to keep yourself afloat during the first few months. From here, you can work for yourself and start working your way.


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