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Entrepreneur Raef Hamaed On The Professional Impact Of Personal Growth


As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Raef Hamaed has steadily grown his specialty pharmacy business from scratch. From inception, he has focused on creating a feasible and scalable business model, thoroughly educating all team members, and setting up the infrastructure for success. Specializing in fertility and animal care in the pharmacy realm, Hamaed’s unwavering focus on patient education has allowed him to provide unprecedented customer service.

While he worked to grow his business steadily, Hamaed attributed much of this growth to his own simultaneous personal growth. Committed to personal evolution, he witnessed how his personal growth efforts positively impacted his professional life.

Success Starts Within.

When conceptualizing his business plan, Raef Hamaed knew that he had to differentiate his business from that of competing pharmacies. Thus, he dutifully spent time researching the competition, and considering ways that he could evolve the status quo. In doing so, Hamaed formulated his strategy, focusing on providing unparalleled customer care, education, and advocacy in the niche and compound pharmacy industry. Of course, this was an incredible undertaking for a fledgling entrepreneur. Hamaed had to believe in his business venture, and that started with believing in himself.

Hamaed recognized the vast good that his business would provide for consumers, offering cost-effective pharmacy solutions in the niche fertility and animal care specialties. He understood the transformative power of offering proactive consumer care, a focus on education, and a betterment of lives. This facet helped to personally motivate Hamaed to turn his concept into reality. Through personal growth efforts, and an inherent belief in his business, Hamaed was confident in his pursuit of this venture. He gained the integral courage, clarity of vision, and determination to forge ahead with his dreams.

Leadership Skills And Personal Strength.

Upon the successful creation of his business, Hamaed understood the importance of maintaining a positive corporate culture, and leading by example. He knew that hiring the right team members, instilling values and expectations, and maintaining motivation would be integral factors for long-term success. Thus, he continuously worked on developing unwavering leadership skills to guide his teams to daily victories, and foster a thriving business on a long-term basis.

As part of his personal growth journey, the business owner recognized that his own actions would undeniably set the tone for all team members. Whether overt or subtle, his actions, attitude, and motivations would create a culture within the professional setting. Thus, he learned to be cognizant of this factor, a learning curve for many entrepreneurs and business leaders. He recognized the need to personally set the standards that he wanted to see within his business.

By focusing on recognizing his own personal strength, Raef Hamaed was able to translate this confidence into active leadership. Sometimes, leaders have to spearhead less than pleasant ventures, like letting team members go, and dealing with conflict. By learning to trust his own gut and intuition, Hamaed was able to call upon his moral compass in difficult situations.

Though he was proud of his ability to hire committed, motivated, and educated team members, Hamaed has experienced a few situations that required him to take swift action as a leader. He recognized the potential large-scale negativity created by a particular employee with a consistently poor attitude. While this individual’s mindset was professionally inappropriate, it also had a propensity to potentially spread, causing further negativity in the workplace. After proactive coaching and a chance for redemption, Hamaed recognized that he would have to let this employee go in order to maintain a positive daily flow within the business.

Hamaed thoroughly believes the notion that teaching team members certain industry-relevant skills is much easier than forming a strong character, positive intrinsic qualities, and a good attitude. Thus, he called upon personal strength as a leader, and made the choice that would be best for his business, his team members, and the most positive outcome. He let the employee go, and learned valuable personal and professional lessons in the meantime. Through his selective hiring and training process, Hamaed has maintained a menial rate of this occurrence. However, as a strong business leader with an unwavering personal conviction, he is always ready to act on behalf of his business in a way that marries personal integrity with business acumen.

Communication, Transparency, and Directness.

Through his personal growth journey, Hamaed has recognized the importance of meaningful communication. While this concept can seem widely understood, many people still find themselves proverbially beating around the bush, not being forthright in difficult times, or otherwise potentially wasting time via lack of transparency. Hamaed made a commitment to be proactively upfront within his interpersonal relationships, and welcomed the positive effects of honesty, clarity, and effective communication.

When adopted in a professional setting, this commitment to transparent and direct communication holds invaluable benefits. As a leader, Raef Hamaed recognizes that direct communication limits misunderstandings. Instead of skirting around an issue, or vaguely describing expectations with staff members, he explicitly and concisely informs staff members of expectations, directions, and insights. Thus, there is no room for error. He mitigates the potential for misunderstandings, which can have devastating effects in his industry. When dealing with such sensitive realms as fertility care, there is no room for error or miscommunication.

In addition to limiting missed signals, Hamaed’s direct communication efforts have also positively impacted team relationships. Following his lead, many team members have adopted a similar approach, building a corporate culture that values transparency, directness, and concise communication. This eliminates the potential of creating a toxic environment thriving on secrets that sometimes plagues workplaces. Employees value the ability to speak directly to team members, confidently moving forward with the knowledge that there are no unsaid “extras” to navigate. In an industry that regularly works with pharmaceutical companies, consumers, team members, foundations, and other personnel, effective communication is key.

Direct communication also makes problem solving exponentially easier. By discussing a potential issue head on, all involved parties can come to an informed conclusion, offer recourse, and streamline the way forward. Thus, Hamaed makes sure to always practice what he preaches. In his personal and professional life, he approaches all conversations with honesty, transparency, and clarity. He credits this feat with positive outcomes in his career, and personal life alike.