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How Startup Company Inflatable Anything Is Changing The Custom Inflatable Industry


The custom inflatable industry has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years. Its success can be attributed to the high public demand to make every party and event truly memorable. From garden parties to baby showers, charity events, and trade shows, inflatable show pieces are becoming a creative way to get everyone talking about your occasion. Whether it’s a finishing arch for a marathon, or a replica of a business’s latest product, inflatables seem to be the newest trend. They’re also a perfect example of opportunistic marketing: many companies are now reaching out to viable businesses to create custom inflatables to promote their brands. They offer a certain allure to consumers — it seems there is nothing more eye-catching than an oversized version of an everyday item.

One such reputable company in Australia is really paving the way for the inflatable industry. Inflatable Anything really mean what they say — they mean anything. Their dedicated creative teams strive to thrill every time and no challenge seems too complex for this exciting start-up. They are quickly becoming the leaders in the Australian market because of their commitment to making each creation a one-off custom piece.

Who Are Inflatable Anything?

Based in Victoria, Australia, with their showroom in Bayswater North in Melbourne, Inflatable Anything produces bespoke custom inflatables for everything and anything. They have a huge existing portfolio that reflects the versatility of their business. Inflatable Anything spotted a gap in the marketing industry, and they realized that using inflatables for promotional events and trade shows had huge potential for helping generate revenue. Inflatables attract attention; they’re fun, vibrant, and easy to use, making them the perfect centerpiece at events. Designed using CAD software on a computer, the company runs models to ensure that all ideas are feasible.

What Gives Inflatable Anything The Edge?

The primary reason why this manufacturer of inflatables is changing the industry is because of their outlook on projects. Their tagline is, ‘We bring your idea’s to life,’ and they live up to that statement wholeheartedly. By searching through their portfolio, the expanse of their work really comes into focus. This company really can make any custom inflatable. Ranging from inflatable bottles and arches to animals, spheres, and cubes, they can make shapes that should be impossible to inflate inflatable.

The teams dedicate around 2-3 weeks for the completion of the design and manufacturing process so they can really nail the designs and make them realistic. Some of their notable creations are the inflatable milk carton made for Blue Diamond and the Two Bay’s finish Arch, which looked spectacular with the blue jay bird and wings. They have also made an inflatable meat pie, custom inflatable babushka dolls, and even a giant inflatable bunny. There really are no limits when it comes to their projects.

The main selling point at Inflatable Anything is that every design is 100% unique. They do not keep inflatables on site for purchase; every single item is custom designed towards a business and event’s needs. This is a company that really wants to wow, and they’re truthfully becoming masters of their craft.

The Process.

The process with Inflatable Anything is simple and easy, adding to the appeal of working with them. When a customer contacts the team at Inflatable Anything for a custom made inflatable, the first step they take is to conduct a consultation. What makes this process special is that their design team will sit down with each business and discuss ideas on how to make this inflatable special and unique to each client. They want to get to the heart of the concept and get the scope for sizing, printing, and budgets. If the organization doesn’t already have a predetermined concept but they know they want to make their event extra special, then Inflatable Anything is more than willing to brainstorm a few concepts with them to see what suits best. The design team will then do a mock-up of what the finished product will look like on the CAD software, as well as all the measurements, so the design remains in scope.

Following client approval, the mock-up is then passed on to the manufacturing team to begin making the inflatable. The company uses top-quality materials and undertakes the most stringent safety measures to ensure the inflatable is safe, durable, and cost-effective. They have methods to fashion the inflatable into any shape or size, and ensure they get the best print and finish to represent a business. Zipper-air release can be added if a major requirement for the client is a quick setup and take down. All attachments are carefully considered, such as removable banners for advertising and attaching metal rings to secure and stabilize the inflatable. All that’s left is to deliver the custom inflatable to the client complete with the blower, the carry bag, and the user manual before their next event.

Thinking Outside The Box.

This promising inflatable product manufacturer is well-known for thinking outside the box when it comes to production. If the desired shape of an inflatable is a little out of the ordinary, they come up with methods to make it a reality. By using ropes and tethers internally, the manufacturing team can control the shape of the materials and bend them to their will. Due to the pressurized air, the material naturally wants to balloon out, and using ropes to prevent this can cause other issues to the appearance, such as creating a pillowing effect. However, this dynamic company has even counteracted that by creating a dual layered construction so the outward appearance of each inflatable can remain unencumbered.

There are no limits to Inflatable Anything’s innovation, and their portfolio speaks volumes about their artistic vision and all-round passion to create truly bespoke items. It will be very interesting to see what designs and manufacturing techniques they manage to come up with in the future!