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Full Time YouTube Artist: A Business Guide


Technological advancements have paved the opportunity for everyone to set up their viable business. A uniquely appealing idea and dedication to hard work can lead a smart business strategy.

YouTube is a great place to build a customer base as well as expanding the brand value. Creating a channel and maintaining the same requires a clear plan and dedicated hours of work. Fulltime YouTubers take their craft seriously as many have built an empire on YouTube.

Find a Niche.

YouTube is a search engine with contents on almost every possible topic out there. The content creators must select a market that hasn’t been explored much and has the potential to grow. While deciding on the niche, keep in mind the followings:

  • Base your channel that has a comparatively higher potential and audience sector so that the videos can be watched and enjoyed by millions
  • Share your expertise with the world as people value videos that teach them something as well as entertaining them.

Business Perspective.

There should be a strict business value added to the channel.

Finance – strategies: Like every other business endeavour, the channel needs budgeting too. To make videos, one needs different types of equipment, a built set and some additional expenses. Decide on a tangible monetary goal to be accomplished within a time frame. There are smart apps available in the market to manage the budget effectively. Search for best budgeting app online to find out the one suited for your business needs.

Collaborative effort: It is always a smart move to collaborate with YouTubers serving up the same contents to build a broad audience base.

Paid-Promotions: Having huge subscribers on YouTube comes with its perks. Paid promotional videos are a great way to make direct money but are mindful of proper representation. If the product or service does not go smoothly with what your channel represents, it is always advisable to not go forward with the ad campaign.

Good Content.

Viewers subscribe to a channel when the contents are well made. So, it is vital to post well-made content to grow the channel.

  • The contents need to be entertaining and well researched.
  • Maintain a schedule to upload content. At least two videos a week is expected from a beginner content creator.
  • Thumbnails are important. Without a professional thumbnail, it is hard to catch anyone’s attention.
  • Use free catchy music in the background that complements the video.
  • Use smart editing software to have a better result.
  • Utilize the first few minutes of the video as people are easily distracted.

Engage with Subscribers.

It is always a welcoming sign having the subscribers invested in the comment section of the video. Here are a few tips:

  • Reply to individual comments.
  • Using your channel comment on popular YouTubers’ comment section.
  • Tell the subscribers to share your content on social media.
  • Hold a contest for the subscribers.
  • Go through individual comments on the next videos.

Social Media Marketing.

Your business requires advertisements to grow. Build yourself as a brand using various social media platforms efficiently; to increase YouTube subscribers you can buy them from reputable websites.

  • Create a Facebook group to build a community around the channel.
  • Post short preview of upcoming videos on Instagram.

YouTube is very much gaining traction during the months of lockdown. New creators are coming up with their fresh ideas and new ways of approaching things.