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How To Disguise Your Security Measures At Home


Having a security camera next to your front door or an alarm system in the house, is always a good idea. Unfortunately, they are sometimes really obvious in a room.

If you don’t like this, there are a few ways to disguise your security measures so the look of your house stays the same. 

1. Choose a really small CCTV.

Once upon a time, CCTV cameras were big, sturdy and very in-your-face. Unfortunately, lots of people still think that these are the only ones on the market. But did you know there are also super small ones that aren’t bigger than the palm of your hand?

If you hide a small camera in a corner close to your front door, chances are that no one notices it there! Some cameras can also be mounted into a plant. Super handy if you have a plant right next to your front door! CCTV cameras can also be put into bird houses so you can have a good look on your lawn and your front door. 

2. Hide your alarm system.

Having an alarm system on the wall doesn’t look great. Luckily you can hide these pretty easily! If you choose a system from a reputable brand, such as a Hikvision or Ajax alarm system (Dutch: Ajax Alarmsysteem), the system already looks pretty modern. But if you don’t like it at all, you can use the trick with the picture frame. Add a wooden ‘box’ to the wall around your alarm system and make it a hinged photo frame. When you click open the frame, you can access your alarm system. Handy! 

3. Choose a magnetic alarm in the same color as your windows.

Magnetic alarms are super handy: whenever someone tries to open a window or a door when the alarm is on, the alarm goes off when the magnets stop being connected. These alarms will alert you straight away by making noise or sending a notification to an app on your phone. Unfortunately, most screw-on versions look pretty cheap and ugly. Luckily, not all brands only offer white magnetic alarms. Nothing looks worse than having matte black windows … with white alarm strips! Try to always use the exact same color, so the look isn’t disturbed. And if you can’t find a magnetic alarm that has the same color, you might even try to spray paint the whole thing.

4. Have a spy-camera in your house.

There are many ways to have hidden cameras in a house, but a fun one is the outlet spy camera, that looks like an electricity outlet. Just screw off your normal outlet cover and swap it with the camera and the ‘camera outlet cover’. That’s what they call hiding in plain sight! If you want to guard your valuables in your bedroom or spy on the nanny, this one is perfect for you!