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Want Your Envelope To Get Opened? Tips For Direct Mail Success


If you think that direct mail is a non-effective marketing tool, then you should think again. Direct mail, if done right, can be as effective as any other marketing tool. Despite the increased popularity of technological means of advertising, some business still benefits largely from direct mail.

And if you think that direct mail is for the old, you’re wrong. Even the young generation finds direct mail useful. In fact, some of them use direct mail to learn about marketing offers as opposed to online sources.

However, despite its continued relevance, using direct mail for the sake of it will not bring the much-needed results. You need to know the practical techniques you can use to ensure you get the return on your investment.  Among other things, you not only need to ensure that your envelope gets opened but that the recipient takes the necessary action.

One way to ensure that your envelope gets opened is to make it stand from the rest. Don’t forget that your recipient receives other mails more regularly and so you should make the design and content of your envelope more appealing.

So how do you create an effective custom direct mail outer envelope for marketing? How do you ensure that your direct mail prompts readers to take action? Well, read on and learn more.

Below are some tips to help make the most out of your direct mail efforts:

1. Customize.

One of the reasons that make direct mail useful until now is due to their old fashioned feel. Ideally, customers are attracted to something tangible presented to them. You can take advantage of this and grab their attention by customizing your direct mail.

For instance, you can decide to use stamps as opposed to prepaid postage. As simple as this may seem, it will make your mail appear unique, and customers will take you seriously. Another option is to handwrite your recipients’ names and addresses and adding other personal touches. At a minimum, printing your logo on a standard #10 envelope is a great start to branding your direct mail correspondences. 

2. Use Large Envelopes.

Instead of using a standard size envelope that cannot be noticed quickly and that will run the risk of being lost, why not a larger mailer. Using a larger is an easy way to grab the attention of your recipient, which will mean a higher open rate.

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to market your business, you should consider using a larger mailer. With excellent design work and a compelling copy, a large mailer will lead to a higher return on investment.

3. Use Lumpy Envelopes.

Imagine receiving a mail on a lumpy envelope. Won’t you want to open it to see what is inside? Probably, right?

Your recipients are more likely to do the same. As such, you can evoke a certain degree of suspense from your recipient by sending you mail in a lumpy envelope. Not only that, but your recipients are also likely to give your mail a priority and open it before others.

After getting the attention of your recipients, they will focus on the content of the mail. To that end, ensure that your mail content is just as intriguing as the envelope itself.

4. Make Your Company’s Name and Logo prominent.

The name and logo of your company will go a long way in encouraging people to open their mailers. It is even more effective if the recipient is your previous customer. After all, previous customers and business partners will be interested to know what message you have for them, especially if you had good engagements in the past.

Even new customers may be intrigued to open your mail once they see the name and logo of your company.

5. Test Color.

The color of your envelope will also affect the effectiveness of your direct mail. To know the impact of a specific color on your mailers, consider doing a color test.

To do this, keep everything else in your mailing the same but change the color. For instance, if you are using a plan mailing, you can change it to white or even blue. This way, you will see the response that you get from using each color.

6. Give a Hint of What is Inside the Mail.

One of the reasons that make your mail not to be opened is because recipients have no clue what to get inside. You can, therefore, increase your mail open rate and succeed in your direct mailing efforts by letting your recipient know the content of the letter.

If there’s a discount, something free, or even something new inside, let them know.