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What Are the Requirements For Opening A Salon? Setting Up Shop Amid COVID-19


The world is beginning to reopen once again and salons and beauticians are among the businesses that are now allowed to trade again —but are also obviously close contact by their very nature. The need to keep both staff and customers safe while still delivering a high-quality service is a tricky one to navigate.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have your salon up and running in no time, coronavirus, or no coronavirus!

Organize your waiting area.

Your first thought when thinking of times where people might come into close contact in your salon might be your staff and the customer they are serving, but it actually starts earlier than that. If you have a waiting area, avoid having people milling around in it as much as possible. Encourage people who are waiting for their appointment to stand outside; you can even offer water or refreshments there to help with the summer heat. If you want to go the extra mile, set up outdoor activities, like magazines or mini-games that will keep people happy while they wait.

Keep your equipment clean.

This is, of course, a big part of fighting COVID-19 and managing disease control. The disease can stay on surfaces for over 48 hours, so cleaning regularly is the only way to make sure it stays gone. If you don’t think you have enough equipment or salon furniture to be able to keep it all clean, you can always purchase attractive and practical Keller salon equipment to boost your supply. That way, you can switch out certain pieces of salon furnishings with fresh ones while they are being cleaned, saving you time and helping you serve more customers.

Stock up on PPE.

We are all aware of the importance of face masks when it comes to the pandemic, and it’s your responsibility to keep your staff protected. The best face masks for people who need to wear them all day are breathable face masks, so your employees can stay as fresh as possible behind their masks. These ones from NxTSTOP have two layers of cotton for improved breathability and are machine-washable. They are designed to be comfortable and have adjustable ear straps so as to suit any user. Cloth masks are definitely the way to go for comfort and safety combined, and the layers of fabric mean that your staff will be doubly protected.

Update your pricing accordingly.

You are having to put in a lot more work to deliver the same service as you always do safely. That might mean you need to adjust your prices. Many companies are adding a COVID-19 tax to their prices to accommodate for the extra PPE, equipment, and the high demand for services that businesses of all kinds, including beauty salons and barber shops, are experiencing. If that is something you need to do for the survival of your business, don’t be afraid of taking swift action.

Keep everyone informed.

The most important aspect of opening up your salon during the pandemic is certainly to keep everyone in the loop, meaning both staff and customers. Staff needs to know when they should be wearing their reusable face masks, customers need to know your new offerings and rules before they enter your shop, and the safety procedures should be clearly laid out for anyone to refer to if they should need to. Not only does this make it more likely for these guidelines to be followed, but it also means that you are covered in the event of any incident occurring. So long as you are up-front about what you require from customers and employees alike, you have done your responsibility as a business owner.


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