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What To Consider When Choosing The Right Shipping Boxes For Your Product


Do you face challenges when it comes to choosing the right shipping boxes for your products? Remember, without appropriate boxes, your products may even get lost in the warehouse before the delivery guy picks them. There are many options which makes the selection process challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Moreover, it helps if you contract a single professional company to handle all your packaging needs as it will be cheaper and reliable in terms of meeting transportation deadlines. The best way to score a reputable company is through referrals and reading online reviews. Most positive online reviews are like personal recommendations and will often point you in the right company to do business with. You would want a company that complements your needs and preferences.

What are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing shipping boxes for your products? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

Shipping preferences.

Shipping preferences are purely aesthetic and will range from one person to another. If you are considering getting a stylish box, it will cost more but will be more appealing to the wholesalers, and they’ll stock more of your products. On the other hand, regular boxes are affordable but might not look that impressive.

Product size and quantity.

There are two factors that you should consider when choosing a box based on size. The internal dimensions will help you determine the carrying capacity of a single box, while the external ones determine the shipping needs and purpose. Your cargo company might have regulations and requirements for external dimensions of shipping boxes for certain products.

Moreover, it will help if you save as much as possible in terms of space to avoid expensive transportation costs that might affect your projected profit margins.

Product type.

The type of product that you are shipping will determine whether your boxes should have special features and considerations. This will also inform any other packaging supply that may be needed during transit. For instance, perishable products like medicine and food products will require protection from harsh weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. In that case, you might consider getting insulated boxes, or boxes that allow complete sealing.

If you are handling fragile products, you should go for boxes that provide extra layers for cushioning and shock absorption. You might also want boxes that have labeled instructions on how to carry or which side is top. Products of high-value will need boxes that come with additional security measures such as one-time seals.


Shipping docks and warehouses handle a lot of cargo that enters and leaves your country. A shipping box solution that provides outward labeling ensures that your products don’t mix up at any point, be it at the dock or warehouse. It also gives you an easier time when supplying the retailers as you can easily make references to the serial numbers. Each box must also come with weight labeling so that the loaders and off-loaders are adequately informed when handling the same.


Lastly, you might also want to compare the average cost of different shipping box solutions to find the one that suits your financial needs and budget. If you are starting the business and you are a new player in the market, we recommend that you go with the most affordable option that offers value to increase your profit margins. You can always upgrade as you expand your market share and customer reachability. It is also important to note that “affordable” doesn’t mean that you substitute your quality preferences for any available solution. After all, you’ll only make more money if you deliver the products in the right condition.

If your budget allows, you might also opt for complete customization for boxes that are well-tailored to meet your special needs. Most companies will be more than glad to offer that.