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E-Commerce In 2020: 5 Low Cost Product Ideas To Drive Sales


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For the e-commerce industry, 2020 has been a year of ups and downs. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the growth in e-commerce witnessed a steep rise that eventually has set new records of revenues and customers for businesses. The staggering numbers in revenue are certainly way above the projections of $2 trillion for 2020.

Now, as the year is progressing, more and more people are picking e-commerce mode over physical stores to shop for groceries, home essentials, and even daily consumables. This alteration is pretty much due to transformation in consumer perception and compliance of the safety norms. People now prefer to stay behind backdoors safely given stay-at-home restrictions. Therefore, this situation is pretty much a golden opportunity for e-commerce businesses looking to make a mark. And, even for small business e-commerce stores that are awaiting a significant push.

If you operate such an e-commerce business and are curiously looking for some incredible product ideas, you’re definitely up for a treat. This post would feature five fantastic low-cost product ideas that would turn your ordinary e-commerce business into a gold mine.

What are these products? Let’s find it out.

1. Bags.

Bags are among the low-quality items that are much higher in demand. Now, when people leave home, they make sure most of the important stuff remains untouched. Moreover, when someone shops for some items, these bags come handy in acting as a line of defense against any infection source. All in all, these products are quite affordable and are quite relevant in these circumstances. So, people won’t mind spending a few dollars on these handbags. If you’re still not sure what kind of bag would be the best? Take inspiration from Jewish.shop – their main site features a lot of great bags which would be great inspiration for you.

2. Enamel Pins.

Enamel pins are the cheapest and most warranted products by consumers. These enamel pins are a perfect combination of craft and ornamental value. Not only these pins add an elegant style to fashionable outfits but can also transform the looks of the wearer by a subtle fun element. So, these low-cost items can easily be accommodated in your fashion e-commerce store. And, buyers would undoubtedly want to add to their shopping cart next time they visit your store.

3. Designer Sunglasses.

Sunglasses never go out of fashion. Never do their profitability level and tendency to pull-off potential customers. Sunglasses are perfect pieces that can be worn anytime or anywhere. Whether it’s men and women, these low entry products would steal the show for your e-commerce business from customers waiting to pick their style from all over the world.

4. Board Games.

Board games are making a re-entry in our lives as COVID-19 situation making life inside four walls extremely tough, boring, and monotonous. Board games add a fresh lease of life for people eyeing to experience they once had played in their childhood. So, a lot of them have been digging in the online store for popular board games. Add board games and see your business fly.

5. Face masks.

One of the most popular and widely in demand products these days are face masks, especially in these days of the coronavirus pandemic. One could say face masks are pretty much a necessity these days, which is good news for online sellers since it means good sales. There are even branded face masks too, for those who want something different.