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Branded Face Masks: How To Sell Them Online


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It goes without saying that this year was wrought with countless tragedies. We’re heading towards the end of 2020, and a pandemic is still ravaging the world. This has resulted in industries being put on temporary halt. An exception to this is the ecommerce industry. It has thrived as the favored choice of shops today, simply because it meets the needs of people to shop online instead.

In terms of the products that these online shops are selling, one of the most popular and widely in demand these days are face masks. To make it even better, there are branded, and designer face masks, for the consumers that prefer this option.

If you’re planning on partaking as a seller in this market, the challenge for you to face is that while the demand is good, the competition is also strong. So many online sellers have also chosen to sell branded facemasks. But if you are still set on being a seller, here are pointers for you to be guided by:

1. Have A Good Ecommerce Strategy.

It’s a common misconception, particularly for beginners in the e-commerce industry that online selling is going to be so much easier than selling on a physical store. This is false. The right strategy that you should go by is to place the same amount of effort, in terms of preparation, with your ecommerce business, as you would a physical one.

This begins with having a sound e-commerce strategy. Yes, facemasks are selling like hotcakes. But remember that you’re selling from branded face masks at steel-city.co.uk, or other similar sites. Perhaps the quality might be better, but this also means that the price will be more expensive. This gives you that added challenge of ensuring that your strategy leads you to come by with good sales.

2. Enable A Customers Review Section on Your Site.

When you’re selling a commodity or a much-needed product like a face mask, you’ve got to prove to your target market why they should choose your brand, above all others.

One way for you to successfully do this is by having a reviews and comments section on your website. Encourage your customers to leave reviews about your products. That way, if there are new potential customers that are still on the fence about buying your products, these reviews can help convince their purchasing decision.

It’s easier for potential buyers on the Internet to trust strangers that left reviews on the products they’ve purchased, simply because they can take their word for it. Surely, customers won’t leave satisfactory reviews if your branded face masks don’t deserve that praise.

3. Optimize Your Site for Cross-Devices.

You may have heard of search engine optimization on optimizing your website for mobile use. Yes, this works. However, today, a better tip for you to follow instead is to optimize your website for cross-devices.

This strategy means that you shouldn’t just focus on mobile phones. Consider also the screen size of a desktop, a laptop, and even various tablets. Internet users browse from any device that’s convenient to them. They don’t think any differently across different devices. So, you should have the same mindset as well.

Especially now that so many are shopping from the convenience of their homes, this also means that they’re using whatever device it is that you have. If your website ends up distorted on whatever device a potential buyer is browsing from, you lose them as buyers. No matter how good your brand of face masks might be or how much they need it, they’ll still leave your site in favor of one that’s easier to browse through instead.

4. Offer Excellent Incentives.

Even when shoppers are buying things that are considered as commodities, this doesn’t mean that they don’t love a good deal. This is actually appreciated now more than ever when times are hard economically. So many individuals are still bouncing back from months of being unemployed.

Offer incentives, coupons, sales discounts or promotional merchandise on your branded mask. Even if it’s just one extra mask free for every five pieces, that’s still a good enough offer. This can help make your ecommerce brand more attractive than that of another’s.

5. Always Offer Excellent Customer Service.

If you had a physical store instead, customer service would always be on the frontline of your efforts. Now that you’re running an e-commerce store, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer the same.

Offer excellent customer service to your buyers online by having a chatbot, for example, that’s available 24/7 on your website. That way, should any customer have a concern on your facemasks and even about their orders, this can easily be addressed. Yes, your products might only be simple but branded facemasks, but because it serves a very crucial purpose for protection today, you can be sure that buyers will have so many questions about it.


If you’ve previously wondered how to go about with selling your products and services so you can make a good enough sale, you’ve come to the right place. The tips enumerated are surely going to help you in this pursuit. Take advantage of how face masks are still an in-demand commodity. For as long as you go by the right tactics as set above, you’ll also see an influx of customers shopping for your goods.