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How A Law Firm Website Design Can Increase Your Leads


A well-designed law firm website has the potential to attract new clients and establish your firm as a proficient in your area of law specialization. Good website design not only contains useful information but also highlights your values as a law firm and presents a professional image.

A law firm website design is a crucial part of any law firm’s marketing strategy as it increases your leads. You must stand out from the competition in a fiercely competitive, saturated market.

A law firm website that is well designed is easy to navigate and is full of valuable, actionable content. Prospects should find it a pleasure to read and should be able to easily and quickly find information about your firm.

Calls to Action Attract More Leads.

A law firm website design should increase the number of people who decide to call or click and initiate contact. Your law firm website design should have an appropriate call to action displayed on the site. You should use active verbs that encourage direct action, for example, “request a free consultation”, “sign up for our newsletter”, or “ask for legal advice”.

Put Contact Information in Your Header.

Put your law firm name and the number of your law firm at the top of every landing page in your law firm website design. Ensure the header is consistent for every page — this makes individual landing pages look more like “tabs” or home pages than lesser members of a bigger archive.

Don’t lose on-the-go Leads.

No matter how great your law firm web design looks great on a computer screen, but is hard to read on a mobile device, you will lose on-the-go leads. Have your website tested on multiple browsers and devices.

Your website layout choices should include fonts and graphics that translate well on mobile devices. Stay away from small fonts and complicated color schemes.

Clean Design and Sufficient White Space.

Avoid an overload of information. Even though it helps to have comprehensive coverage over every aspect of your service, too much information into your homepage and landing pages is a distraction. It only serves to overwhelm your potential clients and they are likely to lose their interest. The ideal solution to this problem is “white space.”

White space is empty space on a web page which helps draw focus to page elements, such as a call-to-action. The color doesn’t have to be white — vary it depending on your design. White space needs to be empty to reduce clutter and help create a visual hierarchy on the page.

When the design is used intelligently, you will illustrate the importance of different page elements to your site visitors, improve comprehension, and hold their attention for longer. There are several examples of strong law firm websites that practice this on the web.

The goal is to gain your potential client’s interest and direct them towards a call-to-action, where you will establish contact.

Captivating Headline.

Visitors to your website need to see exactly what you offer through your headline. A headline that captivates grants your site visitors the most important piece of information they require straight away. As soon as prospects visit your site, they should have an idea of if you are a good fit for their requirement. This will make them more susceptible to keep reading and progress to a point of contact.

For an ideal and compelling headline, have clarity. This makes it easy for your potential client to know what’s on offer. Any indistinctness you will likely lose a visitor’s interest.

Have a unique value proposition (UVP) — have your firm offer prospects what sets you aside from the competition. Make this clear, and it could have a long-lasting effect in the mind of your potential clients.

Content Is Key.

Your content should be high-quality content that is persuasive and informative as it helps convert your traffic into new leads. Ensure your site visitors get your point in your content and offer them real value. Use clear and concise words. Too much wording can put off an interested party and risks lowering your leads. Use customer-focused words, such as “you” and “your” while keep “we” and “our” to a minimum.

Incorporate these features on your law firm’s website to lead to an increase in site engagement and conversions. Whether you are a small law firm or a large law firm with multiple locations and hundreds of attorneys; have some or all of these features incorporated in your law firm website design to increase your leads.


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