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Things To Consider When Choosing Ringless Voicemail Providers


Ringless voicemail or voicemail drop is a way of delivering voice messages to other people without even calling or ringing their phones. This method is often used by businesses to send voice messages to their prospects, clients, and customers without interrupting them.

To put it simply, ringless voicemail is a type of software that allows you to send pre-recorded messages to other people’s phone voicemail. With this technology, the phone will never ring even as the pre-recorded audio messages are being delivered to multiple voicemail boxes at the same time.

Ringless voicemail has flexibility and scalability. This means that this technology can be used across multiple industries for various purposes. It can be used for lead generation, customer appreciation, and alert notification.

This technology is mostly used for customer outreach. However, it can also be used to circulate messages across various departments within a business or organization. This will help ensure that all members of the company, especially the stakeholders, are in the loop for the latest and important updates within the organization.

The ringless voicemail technology is so beneficial to marketers, companies, and businesses that you need to pick the best provider if you decide to use it.

In this article, we’ll give you some important ideas on how to choose ringless voicemail providers.

1. Choose A Provider With A Reliable Ringless Voicemail Software.

You must pick a provider that has the most capable ringless voicemail software. The ringless voicemail service must be non-intrusive so that it can be a good option for advertising your products and services to your target audience.

Beware of providers who say that they offer true ringless voicemail marketing features, but their software says otherwise. The last thing you want when you use a ringless voicemail software is for your target audience to get annoyed. The customers will constantly get disturbed by receiving cold calls from you, while you’ll think that you’re not interrupting them.

Pick a provider that has a true ringless voicemail software that can deliver non-intrusive messages to your recipients. Pick a software like the Unlimited Ringless Voicemail that ensures you that your recipients will never get a cold call. Instead, they’ll get a notification that says they received a new voicemail message.

Your recipient can then listen to the voicemail any time they want. This way, your ringless voicemail software will give you a better chance to get more sales knowing that your recipients are in a good mood when they listen to your marketing messages.

To help you understand what a true and reliable ringless voicemail software is, here are some of its characteristics:

Send unlimited non-intrusive voicemail drops – A true ringless voicemail service is a non-intrusive way of telemarketing. This means that you’ll be able to send messages directly to your recipient’s voicemail as many times as you want without interrupting them. Your recipients will have the option to listen to your message at their convenience. This will create an impression to your recipients that you value their time and you don’t have any intention of interfering with what they are doing.

Unrestricted delivery times – A reliable ringless voicemail software allows you to send non-intrusive messages to your recipients at any time. You must be free to set a schedule when you use the software. Setting up a schedule and sticking to it is crucial to increasing your leads. You must always choose software that allows you to send your messages to your recipients in a timely fashion. When creating a schedule, be sure to consider the most likely time that your recipients will be looking at their phones and emails. This usually happens during lunch breaks. This will ensure that your message will be heard after you send it.

Has full ringless voicemail features and functionality – Most ringless voicemail software available on the market today are fully integrated online solutions. This means that you can have unlimited access to their features and functionality such as wireless carrier compatibility, message recording, campaign scheduling, creating customized caller ID, and 24/7 tech support.

2. Safe and Secure Ringless Voicemail Service.

You should pick a provider that offers safe and secure ringless voicemail services. There are several providers out there that are quick to offer their services to clients without giving them any kind of assurance at all.

A truly good ringless voicemail provider offers their clients free access to the technology so that they can review it before they subscribe. One good example of a provider of this technology is the Ringless Rockstar. They offer free access to their ringless voicemail software to clients so that they can use it and see how it works. After the free access, the clients can choose up to 8 different kinds of subscriptions.

Knowing that you’re using a reliable and secure ringless voicemail software, you can easily craft the perfect pitch for your target audience. You can create a voicemail script and the software will deliver your message to your recipients and potential customers at once.

While it’s true that calling different people every day to entice them to avail of your products or services is still effective today, this method can get tiring and repetitive over time. You might sound cheery for the first few calls that you make but repeating the same script over and over again may get boring.

However, if you use ringless voicemail you can record your script and send it to your leads and potential customers. You can also change your script if you want to send another voicemail so that you don’t sound repetitive and annoying to your recipients.

This way you’ll be able to deliver the perfect marketing pitch every time to your leads and potential customers.

3. Must Be Compliant With The Rules and Regulations.

Good ringless voicemail providers offer their clients with services that are compliant with the rules and regulations of the state. In the US, providers are required to stick to the rules and regulations stated on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. TCPA is a federal statute that’s designed to protect the consumer’s rights to privacy.

Ringless voicemail technology is right within the scope of this federal statute. As such, providers should observe the limitations brought by TCPA when they offer their services to their clients.

Choosing a provider that’s compliant to TCPA will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not violating any rules and regulations imposed by the government or the state. You can use their ringless voicemail software to the fullest and get the most out of it.

4. Choose A Provider With Experience.

Another important thing to consider is the experience of the ringless voicemail provider in the field. Choose a provider that has several years of experience in the business.

Having an experienced ringless voicemail provider on your side is good for you, especially if you’ve never heard of this technology before. An experienced provider will be able to guide you and help you understand how ringless voicemail works.

They can also help you create a ringless voicemail campaign and make sure that you’re getting good results from it. If you don’t know how to set up your ringless voicemail campaign, you can use this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DeSsYxqdJQ  as a quick guide on how to get started. Once you’ve already set up your campaign and have started sending your messages to your recipients, you’ll need assistance in analyzing its results. This is where you’ll need an experienced provider that’ll help you track the progress of your campaign, analyze it, and make adjustments to it (if necessary) to ensure that you’re getting the results you expected.

5. Pricing.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a ringless voicemail provider is the price.

The question “how much should you pay for a ringless voicemail provider?” is subjective. This is because providers have different prices for their services.

But when it comes to pricing, quality is everything. So, it’s best to pick a provider that offers the most cost-effective ringless voicemail services as well as the one with the most features to offer.

Keep in mind that the price of ringless voicemail service varies from one provider to another. Some providers offer their services per drop, which ranges from a couple of cents to as high as 10, and in some cases, 20. The price can also depend on the type of service you’re getting. For example, if you subscribe to a fully unlimited service, expect your monthly subscription to be hefty.

But if you really want to get the most out of your money, you may want to choose a provider that offers its services on a flat rate. This means that you can send as many messages as you can without worrying about the price. You’ll be able to save some money if you go with flat-rate pricing because you won’t be paying per drop or for every message that you send.

Don’t be easily fooled by providers that claim they’ve got the cheapest ringless voicemail services. Their services may be cheap, but they may be of poor quality and you’ll just end up wasting your company’s time and money. You must remember that some ringless voicemail providers offer their services at a lower per drop rate but require you to commit to them for several months.

The best ringless voicemail providers offer their services without requiring you to make a commitment to them and don’t have any expiration dates. The pricing of ringless voicemail providers is something that you must examine. Be sure to compare two or more providers to see which one offers the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

6. Sending Times.

You also must take into consideration the sending times of the ringless voicemail software. Check the sending times offered by your provider and see if it works with your time zone and your goals. You want your messages to be delivered to your recipients at the best times, such as early in the morning, during lunch time, or right after they leave work. By doing so, you’ll have a high probability that your messages will be heard since these are the times that most people check their voicemails for new messages.

The success of your telemarketing campaign depends on your ringless voicemail software’s sending times. If your provider can’t promise you that your messages will be delivered at the right time, it’s best to find another one.

7. Tech Support.

Last but not least is tech support. Your chosen provider should be able to give you 24/7 tech support in case a problem arises.

Just like any other technology, ringless voicemail requires technical support. It’s important to choose a provider that puts direct contact information on their website. This will help you know how to contact them when there’s a problem. It’s also best to choose a provider that provides technical support during your business hours or when you’re using their software. So, any issues or problems that may arise can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts.

You can’t stress enough the importance of having a reliable ringless voicemail provider to back you up. Not only will they help you set up your telemarketing campaign, but they’ll also teach you the dos and don’ts when using the ringless voicemail technology. For example, they’ll help you avoid sending poor and indirect messages with inadequate follow-up. They can help you create a message that’s straight to the point. If you’re not clear with the messages you send using the ringless voicemail technology, you won’t get good results. The same can also be said about not following up on your recipient’s response. A reliable ringless voicemail provider will assist you in following up with your recipient’s replies.

There are several ringless voicemail providers that you can choose from out there. Therefore, you better take the things that we’ve discussed above into consideration before you pick one. The last thing you want is to sign the contract with a provider that’s incapable of giving you high-quality ringless voicemail service. If you select the perfect ringless voicemail provider, you can enjoy the full benefits of this technology for your company or business.

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