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3 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast Online During Lockdown


The Covid-19 pandemic means some sort of social distancing measures are set to remain in force for the foreseeable future, and digital technologies which were previously regarded as useful alternatives to physical transactions and interactions are now the norm.

Furthermore, many businesses which we would have previously presumed could only ever operate on a physical basis have developed amazingly innovative ways to resurrect themselves in digital or hybrid incarnations in order to continue trading.

But if you’re trying to sell your home quickly at this time, is it really viable without being able to offer in-person viewings?

Where there’s a will there’s a way  ̶  here are three ways to sell your home fast during lockdown.

1. Film a virtual walk-through.

One way to get the ball rolling with your home sale is to pick up your mobile and film a virtual walk-through.

But take time to plan your production, otherwise your shaky footage will seem amateurish and your property won’t look at its best.

You should tidy up clutter, follow a logical route and adjust the quality settings of your phone camera  ̶  check out these walk-through video tips from House Beautiful.

2. Promote your property on social media.

A recent report from Zoopla revealed that 53% of estate agents plan to invest more on marketing their listings through social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And if you’ve already got a personal profile on any of these platforms, there’s no harm in promoting your property to your own network.

Selling your home totally off-market might not be advisable as you could get caught up in legal red tape, but sharing posts that your estate agent has already created could connect you with the right buyer  ̶  read this Sprout Social article on using social media for real estate.

3. Work with an online real estate specialist.

When it doubt, work with a professional  ̶  while most estate agents have a little experience in online real estate, it’s the core operational model for a limited number of niche property specialists.

For instance, you can sell your Manchester house fast with Property Buying Team and start the process by popping a few details in their website.

If you want hassle-free concenience and the assurance of working with seasoned professionals, this type of service provides peace of mind in the current climate.

This hattrick of online home sales tips should provide some hope that you can still achieve some semblance of normality by moving home and ensuring that you and your family can live your best lives in the property and neighbourhood of your choice.

By harnessing the power of digital technology, tapping into the potential of your online network and working with established digital property specialists, you’ll soon be making the right move.

Have you sold your home online? Share your tips in the comments section.