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3 Enterprises For Health-Focused Entrepreneurs


The current global health crisis has affected all of us in one way or another, but as well as the immediate risk posed to physical health, the economic impact is already significant.

Entrepreneurialism can be a precarious venture at the best of times, so if you’re a budding businessperson trying to look to the future in these most uncertain of times, it’s tougher than ever trying to predict which types of business might survive and thrive in the future.

However, health and wellbeing might be a good bet – although there are existing players in these markets, there’s still space for challenger companies targeting customers looking for convenient ways to make life easier at a time when it’s never felt harder.

With that in mind, here are three possible enterprises for health-focused entrepreneurs.

1. Workplace wellbeing.

Some jobs can be stressful at the best of times, but as millions of us have had to rapidly adapt to working from home, pre-existing workplace problems with poor culture, structure and leadership have sometimes been compounded.

Happy and healthy workers are usually more productive and effective team members, yet it seems that too many companies still apply a top-down authoritative approach to leadership and management – leading to huge problems with presenteeism and absenteeism caused by occupational stress.

Workplace mental health activists Sanctus have recognised this problem and are working towards solving it – perhaps the worthwhile field of workplace wellbeing is a natural fit for your future?

2. Active travel.

When restrictions ease and international travel to any location becomes more viable, a greater focus on health might mean that more holidaymakers are looking for active, energetic breaks rather than locations which merely offer rest and relaxation.

But winter sports holidays might be the prime example of blending both requirements simultaneously. For instance, ski break experts like NUCO Travel organise tailor-made Alpine trips where clients carve up the slopes during the day and unwind all the way with awesome après-ski activities in the evenings.

If you’ve already got an active hobby and you reckon that you can monetise your expertise, perhaps starting an active travel company is your ticket to business success?

Remote physical therapy.

Many of us have embraced video technology in the past few weeks – it’s an excellent way for workplace teams to remain in close contact and, just as importantly, has allowed far-flung families to keep in touch.

And one promising application of video tech is the type of remote physical therapy offered by wellbeing firms like Reflexion Health – if you’re a physiotherapist or perhaps even a physical training instructor, perhaps delivering your expertise virtually to clients in the comfort of their own homes could be a lucrative business model?

Hopefully these three diverse entrepreneurial ideas get your business brain firing on all cylinders – if you remain agile and open minded, there’s no doubt you’ll be ready to act when opportunity knocks!

Do you already run an innovative business? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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