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Things You Should Always Include On Your Resume



Creating a resume is nothing new for someone who is searching for a job. Some resumes are fantastic, while some resumes fail to bring any results. The goal of a resume is to get as many responses as possible from potential employers.

A recruiter goes through a lot of resumes in a day. You need to ensure your resume is professional and has everything included in it. Don’t worry; this article will help you ensure your resume consist of everything employers want to see in it.

Things You Must Not Miss Out on Your Resume.

Some of the things mentioned here will be obvious to many of you. However, you will also find something you never thought would be included in a resume.

Here are some things you must always include on your resume:

1. Contact Information.

Who forgets to include contact information, right? It may sound obvious to you, but many people miss out on some vital information. Contact information does not only include your name and phone number.

You should make sure your resume includes every bit of your contact information like name, phone number, email address, LinkedIn Profile, etc. Don’t make a mistake of adding information you don’t use. For instance, some people mention their email address they don’t access a lot.

This page consists of some top-notch resume examples from various occupations to help you create a professional resume.

2. Professional Title.

Employers want to consider candidates with a crystal-clear objective. Having a professional title can help you entice employers to view your resume. It also shows recruiters you are working towards a specific goal, instead of applying for all random jobs.

If you’re applying for a marketing position, you can add “Marketing Executive” as your professional title. You should add it below your contact information. If you’re having trouble finding the right organization, this article can help you out.

3. Education.

Having a relevant degree does matter a lot to your potential employers. Your highest degree should be at the top of your resume. There is no need for you to mention your high school qualification if you have completed your undergrad.

Don’t forget to mention your year of completion and the title of your degree along with the university. Feel free to add relevant honors to your education section if applicable.

4. Keywords From Job Description.

How would you feel if you find out your recruiters never got hands on your resume? It would be terrible. Many organizations have implemented software to weed out weak resumes. One of the ways to pass HR bots is by inserting relevant keywords throughout your resume.

List out vital keywords from the job description and then add it to your resume. It will increase the relevancy of your resume for employers. The software like Wordle can help you create a word cloud to prepare your resume.

5. Professional History.

Some of you might be a fresher without any professional history. Here is the content, which will help you prepare a fantastic resume for a new graduate.

What if you have a professional history? Create a separate section for it. Mention the most recent job in the beginning and mention your responsibilities and achievements. Don’t forget to include the name of the employer, job title, and years of employment with a few bullet points about your role.

6. Relevant URLs.

A great way to increase value via your resume is by including relevant URLs on it. Due to the increment of the popularity of a digital resume, it is not difficult to post URLs on your resume. Include any links, which are relevant to the job you applied.

For instance, you can include your website or a LinkedIn profile on your resume. You may have written various blogs related to the relevant subjects in the past. Mentioning those blogs can give hiring managers positive vibes about you.

But you should not include cat videos or some random travel blogs on your resume. It will only lead to hampering your chance of getting a reply from recruiters.

7. Stats and Numbers.

It is excellent to mention numbers in your resume. Including metrics will tremendously help in increasing the authenticity of your achievements and claims. You may say a vague statement like “Helped to increase revenue,” but it does not show any exclusivity about it. Recruiters will take note of your ability if you can insert some metrics on your resume.

Instead of saying “helped a marketing team,” you can insert “Helped marketing team to increase sales by 75%”. Now, hiring managers can see what you’re capable of doing for their organization. It also helps you to be specific in your claims.

8. Relevant Skills, Tools, And Certifications.

Besides your professional history, recruiters also heavily focus on your relevant skills and certifications. Your educational degree shows your knowledge but adding proper certifications can make you stand out. It shows recruiters you are willing to improve yourself.

For instance, having IIBA certifications (Business Analyst) or Java certifications can significantly raise your chance of getting a reply from hiring managers. Another thing you can do is add relevant skills. For data analyst jobs, you can add skills like Microsoft Excel Mastery or SPSS on your resume to increase your value.

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9. Extra Volunteer Work.

If you have volunteered for some non-profit organizations (if relevant), you can add it to your resume. For example, you might have participated in the World Vision or UN mission work. It will supplement your resume, and it will stand out as bonus points.

10.  References and Testimonials.

Lastly, add references and testimonials. Integrating social proof to your resume will make you highly desirable — mention testimonials and show who gave it along with their organization and position. Insert references along with their contact information to enable recruiters to reach out to them for confirmation.

When inserting references and testimonials, you should make sure you have a positive image in their eyes. If not, your effort will backfire.

Final Thoughts.

Regardless of how knowledgeable you are, there is a chance you will miss out on something. This article comprises everything you must include on your resume. Keep this content as a guide while preparing the perfect resume for your job hunt.

Is there something still missing out in this article? Let us know by leaving your insights in the comments.