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Make Your New Home Sustainable


Are you about to move out into the world? You might be getting to that age, where it is time to move away from your parents and get your own home. It is a big step and something that symbolises growing up and becoming an adult. As humans it is our duty to make this planet one that we can live on for a long time now, and global warming as well as us running out of resources is threatening that. To help fight it, one of the things we can do is to make our life and way of living sustainable.

In this article you can read some tricks on how to live a sustainable lifestyle in your new home.

New old furniture.

One way to make your life more sustainable is to limit your purchases of new things. Therefore, you can make the choice to not buy new furniture, but rather buy used furniture so you do not cater to consumerism. And maybe you think that used and old furniture will be ugly or falling apart, but it does not have to be that way.

There are multiple websites where you can buy home interior, service and furniture that is used, but in good shape because it has been picked out by someone beforehand, so you do not have to sort through a lot of second hand garbage. You can also visit flea markets to find some beautiful, old pieces of furniture. It can make a great day to stroll around flea markets and shop for furniture or other home interior.

Zero waste.

Another way to live a sustainable lifestyle is to live by “zero waste” or as close as you can get to it. Zero waste means that you try to throw as little as possible out and to e.g. buy stuff without packaging that requires throwing away. As an example, you can try to buy soap and shampoo in bars instead of in bottles, because the bars require zero to no packaging, where in the bottles you use a lot of plastic. Another way is to limit your used of single-use items such as straws, plastic cups, or plastic bags. Replace all these things with reusable equivalents to get closer to a zero-waste lifestyle and to lower the release of plastic into the nature.

Good luck with moving out and staring on a new but sustainable lifestyle.