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Pros And Cons Of The Various Types Of Cryptocurrency Wallets


Virtual currency (cryptographic assets, cryptocurrency) is a currency that is exchanged only by electronic data, and does not have compulsory power (legal effect used as a means of repayment of financial debt) by the state like legal currency. It is mainly used for transactions on the Internet, and is also known as digital currency. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, which started operation in 2009, derivative virtual currencies called altcoin were also created one after another, and the emergence of virtual currency exchanges that exchange legal currency with virtual currency, possession of virtual currency spread rapidly. For the future potential of virtual currencies, please refer to this page ” Virtual currencies in the future “.

Once you’ve answered Pitacoin to your daily expectations and got Bitcoin by playing Gacha, you ‘ll need to remit it to get it in your wallet .

For example, you must convert (convert) the points earned on your pocket money site or point site so that you can actually use them as cash. Bitcoin obtained with Pitacoin can be used by yourself by moving it from the application to another place.

How do I get a Bitcoin address?

Bitcoin address can be obtained by creating “Bitcoin wallet”. There are various types of wallets, but it would be convenient to create a mobile wallet that can be used as a smartphone application or an online wallet that can be created on the web.

Once you have accumulated coins, get an address. Register on the exchanges introduced this time and get your own bitcoin address. All you have to do is open up Pita coins every day and have fun!

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Paper Wallet.

The Paper Wallet is surely the safest method from cyber attacks, but it is also the most uncomfortable one: to know the contents of the paper wallet you will be forced to transcribe the Wallet Codes on the card, losing the Code and the Coin Addresses you will lose your crypto-money forever.

How it works: create the Coin Address on one of the websites linked to the reference cryptocurrency save the public and private keys on paper.

Hardware Wallet.

A hardware wallet consists of a real material device that guards your wallet with Coin Addresses. This, if on the one hand it guarantees maximum security, on the other it entails risks, the possible breakage of the device leads to the loss of the data of the Wallet Codes and of the Coin Addresses (for this reason it is recommended to place it alongside the Paper Wallet). The main problem, however, is the cost. Hardware Wallets are used by people who have a rich wallet.

Wallet software.

This is the system that we recommend (always supported by the Paper Wallet). Download a digital wallet program on your personal computer (important that it is personal), where you can manage and view your “cryptoaveri” but at the same time, keep your Wallet Code and Coin Addresses on paper, so if the computer breaks , you will have the possibility to recover the in a new software.

The use of a software wallet such as Exodus implies precautions in any case: it is essential to have an antivirus on your computer.

How to Create a Paper Wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Go to bitaddress.org and generate your wallet code
  • The system will generate a Code Wallet (to be kept) and a Coin Address to deposit your bitcoins.

If you are interested in creating a wallet that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, we recommend Exodus (see below).

Free software wallet: how to download and receive bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on Exodus

There are numerous programs to deposit your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, we recommend EXODUS which in addition to Bitcoin, accepts the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world

By installing Exodus, you will have the possibility to create Coin Addresses, the system is very simple, from the Wallet section just select the coin you wish to import and click Receive.