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When To Hire An Accountant For Your Small Business: A Helpful Guide


As a small business owner, it’s common to take on all the roles and responsibilities of your business. For a while, doing everything yourself saves money and helps you stay in complete control of your business, however, there comes a point when stretching yourself too thin does more harm than good.

In the beginning, your business bookkeeping is typically simple and straightforward. With a basic understanding of business finances, you should be able to keep up with your accounting without a problem. As your business grows, your financial situation becomes more complicated and will eventually require the services of a professional.

Knowing when to hire help is essential so you are not wasting money by hiring someone too early and you are not putting your business at risk by hiring someone too late. If you are a small business owner wondering when to hire an accountant, here are several signs that your business has reached this important milestone.

1. Your Accounting Tasks Are Getting Too Complicated.

When your business finances become too complicated to understand, it’s time to hire help. At the start of your business, your finances are simple but as you grow, you will have to account for taxes, employee expenses, benefits, etc. When this happens, save yourself the headaches and hire an accounting firm like White Nelson Diehl Evans CPAs.

2. Your Business Spends More Than It Brings In.

If your business is bringing in a lot of money but you aren’t seeing a profit, you need an accountant. You will need someone who can take an objective look at your business finances and find reasons for the discrepancy. An accountant can help you find problems you may have missed in your finances.

3. Your Business Has Suddenly Grown.

If your business has experienced an unexpected growth spurt, consider hiring an accountant. A growing business requires more money and your spending can easily get out of control without you noticing. An accountant can help you stay on track and make sensible purchases that will help your business grow while keeping you in the black.

4. You Are Going to Expand Your Business Out-Of-State.

Expanding your business out-of-state or even internationally, comes with a host of financial changes. You need a small business accountant who specializes in these kinds of expansions so you can comply with all of the new rules and regulations you will have to follow. Hiring an accountant can keep you from making costly mistakes that can impact your business success.

These Are the Signs It’s Time to Hire an Accountant for Your Business.

The time to hire an accountant is when your business finances become more complicated than you can handle.

Signs like a loss of profit, rapid growth, and being behind in your bookkeeping all indicate it’s time to hire a professional accounting firm. If you are thinking of expanding your business out-of-state or you are facing an audit, it’s best to hire an accountant to make sure your business finances are in order.

Hiring an accountant is an essential step towards building and growing a successful business.

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