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Can Young People Start Successful Businesses?   


There is a growing trend of encouraging young people to be their own boss and start some sort of “hustle” to help them earn their own money. Is this a legitimate way to do business and how easy is it for a young person to be taken seriously when they first launch a company?

Let’s take a look.


The world of work has shifted monumentally in the past few decades. One of the clear areas where this has happened is with university applications. Whereas university once used to be for the elite, more and more people are studying these courses now and it is thought to be just another part of the education system. With many high-paying jobs needing degrees as standard, many students are left to look elsewhere in a competitive job market.

Many therefore turn to the idea of starting their own business. They have the drive and ambitions to do so, and they are ready to put in the work needed to push a business ahead. With the right drive and determination, they can create a thriving business that is pushing forward and allowing them to pursue a career that otherwise would have been very difficult.


Every business needs capital to help it take off. Luckily, many top businesses from Tej Kohli Ventures to Kindred Capital are allocating funds specifically towards investing in the businesses of tomorrow.

These investors recognise that many of the top ideas are beginning to come from this younger generation. By choosing to put their money towards these ventures, they are providing the funding many need to get their start. At the same time, young business owners are getting the capital they need to make their businesses the best they can possibly be.

Internet Literacy.

We are slowly beginning to see the emergence of a generation that has never known life without the internet. As they begin to enter the workforce and set up their own businesses, we are likely to see some major shifts occur.

This generation can pick up new concepts and ideals incredibly easily. From new pieces of technology to philosophical and ethical concepts, they are viewing the world in a way that is very different to how older generations do. As they set up their own businesses and begin to make some changes to this world, they are likely to bring some extremely new changes to them which could shape the world of business forever.

Can young people run successful businesses? Of course they can! They are just as capable as someone from an older generation when it comes to running a business in this field. As their businesses flourish and grow, it is likely that we will see some amazing changes occurring. Keep your eyes on the world of business for the next decade or so. As young people become more of the workforce, they will bring great things with them.