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Why Public Relations Should Be Part Of Your Business Plan


Public Relations (PR) involves efforts to raise the profile of your company, manage your reputation, and build relationships with key people or organizations to attract customers and increase sales. The primary aim of public relations is to inform or raise awareness among the general public and gain appropriate media coverage.

A business plan relates to formulating smart goals and indicating the possible course of action to achieve those goals. So why should public relations be a part of your business plan?

In this post, you’ll find out the importance of including PR in your business plan.

Anchor Your Sales And Marketing Efforts.

Maximizing your PR efforts involves defining, controlling, and distributing relevant messages in the form of a press release to your target media outlets, as well as your intended audience and business partners. Including public relations in your business plan is a must to anchor your sales and marketing efforts, and make your business visible across various media platforms.

With the help of press release distribution services, your press releases are sent to the right media channels, such as reporters, journalists, printed or online media, and news agencies. As BusinessMole explains, press release distribution services don’t normally guarantee that you’ll get your story published, but they ensure that your PR reaches your target media.

Here’s how public relations can boost your sales and marketing efforts:

Brand Exposure: A well-written press release would potentially attract the media to cover your story. And when this happens, your business can benefit tremendously from the exposure your brand will get, thus increasing people’s awareness about your product or service.

Trust and Authority: A press release reflects greater authority as your story or message is circulated by respected journalists. Many of them have been broadcasting for several years, and have an existing established audience base. So whatever they say or write comes across as highly reliable and truthful.

Customer Connection: Press release distribution aims to send your prepared PR to appropriate media outlets that cover stories relevant to your business niche. It will help you connect with your target audience and gain their trust because of media influence. Your PR message becomes more relevant and useful when it is disseminated by reputable media personalities to your audience, thereby attracting new customers, strengthening existing relationships, and driving your pitches and sales.

Create Clearly Defined Objectives.

When creating objectives for your business plan, it’s important to make sure that your course of action consistently aligns with your goals and core values. Mapping out the most effective strategies, including a press release, in your business plan is important. If you don’t do it, it’s equivalent to running a business blindfolded or without a sense of direction.

Your business would need the right exposure, but you don’t have to carry all the burden of contacting media people to cover your story. Professional PR agencies or PR distribution services can help you realize your business plan objectives.

Leave A Mark Through Public Relations.

One of the major benefits of including public relations in your business plan is that it enables your brand to leave a mark. A heartfelt message or story can spread good cheer and go viral. That’s why it’s crucial to take every chance to share your story with appropriate media platforms. Your story should be inspiring, relevant, useful, and informative.

Integrating PR in your business plan should include the proposed launch date and other relevant details to ensure that everything is well-documented and accounted for. Whether you’re planning to write your own press release or partner up with a PR distribution agency, you have to consider the major components of PR, which are discussed below.

Check out these examples of good PR story topics:

  • How your product or service saved someone’s life
  • Sharing your milestones or achievements
  • Announcement of a new acquisition or merger
  • New branch opening
  • Company reorganization
  • Launch of a new app or website
  • Photo press release of new product lines
  • Helping the community, like helping frontliners fight COVID-19 or implementing a community outreach program

Cement Your PR Strategy Through Your Business Plan.

A well-crafted business plan can prove invaluable for solidifying your PR strategy and publishing beneficial press releases. Whether your story is about winning an award, launching a new product or service, raising funding, or helping the community, it’s important to know what makes a good press release so you can formulate relevant and actionable steps. This can only be possible if you have done proper planning while devising your business plan to incorporate all the elements essential for successful PR.

When it comes to securing press interest, the reporter or journalists will oftentimes ask for more information to seek clarity on whether a story is worth pursuing. Take this chance to catch their attention by showing them that your story is worth their time and effort. So what makes a good press release?

In order to benefit your business, here are the components you have to consider implementing in your press release:

Right Timing: It’s crucial to do some research and find out if there’s anything major happening on your proposed date. Journalists are quite busy and can be preoccupied with covering news and other events within their beat. If your PR lands in the busiest times, your chance of getting your story covered is very slim. Make the press release relevant and timely to an ongoing conversation, and you’ll most likely be successful.

Compelling PR Headline: Make sure that your headline creates a good first impression. Keep your PR headline short but compelling to make it sound interesting and make your target media want to keep reading your story.

Keep the Lead Paragraph Concise and Informative: Reporters read countless press releases and pitches a day, so having an informative and concise lead paragraph provides a quick snapshot of the information. It must include the people involved, date, venue, and purpose of the event or story you want to tell. The core details of the announcement should be addressed, and the rest of your PR only serves as supporting information.

Supporting Quotes: A PR overwhelmed with facts can be disastrous at winning media coverage. You have to present a human element in your PR by including a quote from your customers, investors, partners, or employees on why the news matters.

Clear CTA: A clear call-to-action serves as a gateway to your website. It can be your contact information or sign-up sheet. Have your information readily available by leaving a CTA for readers to click on.


Public relations should always be a part of any business plan. It’s a great way to establish trust and authority, and raise people’s awareness of your company. Telling your story and having it covered in a press release would bring your brand more exposure, anchoring your sales and marketing efforts. Also, it helps you define clear objectives for your business plan and ensure that everything is relevant, aligned, and useful for a win-win situation.

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