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How To Choose The Right Bitcoin Trading Platform: 5 Things You Need To Check


Selecting the right Bitcoin Trading Platform or Cryptocurrency Exchange can be a challenging task. If you select the right one, you can ensure some handsome returns on your investments. If you choose the wrong one, you stand the risk of losing your money and peace of mind.

If you have decided on investing in the lucrative field of Bitcoins, you might want to know how to pick out the right platform. You might also want to enquire about why some platforms are considered better than others are.

In this article, we are going to help upcoming and aspiring traders who are looking for the most credible, genuine and authentic platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Here are 5 things you need to check before investing in Bitcoins on trading platforms:

1. Legal Regulations in your country.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to be controversial financial topics in many countries around the world. It is important to understand the legal stipulations associated with Bitcoins in the country of your residence.

This will give you peace of mind when it comes to cashing out your winnings. You do not want to engage in something that draws the ire of local law enforcement authorities at all costs. Finding out more about these issues can help you protect your investments.

2. Reputation and Credibility of the platform.

If you are convinced about the legal repercussions of investing in Bitcoins, you might want to go to the next stage. In this stage, you would want to study about different platforms and exchanges. Find about them in the different forums and see what reviews real users are leaving.

Go for platforms or exchanges, which are genuine in nature. The research stage is going to take the longest time, as you do not want to be a part of one of the many dozens scams operating in the name of exchanges. This is a crucial step and requires caution and due diligence.

3. Security and Safety of the Platform or the Exchange.

Your consideration stage should also involve looking at the kind of security the platform offers. This is important in many ways. You will be storing all your financial details on the platform. The platform should be safe enough to protect your details from attacks of a wide range.

The best platforms use multiple layers of firewalls to protect the interests of their clients. This prevents spyware, malware and hackers from causing mayhem and stealing not only details, but also your profits.

4. Bank Account Linking and Cashing Out Features.

This is again something, which adds value to the user experience of a platform. Most platforms allow you to link your bank account so that you can easily move money from one place to another. You do not want a bank account linked to your platform that requires a lengthy period to send through confirmations.

Likewise, you should also check out the modalities associated with cashing out your profits. The process should empower you to take control of your winnings any time of the day. Some platforms might ask you to keep a very limited amount of money in your account at all times.

5. Is the Bitcoin Robot or Software good enough to help you win.

One of the most important aspects of trading is checking out the Bitcoin Robot or the Software running on the platform or exchange. Ultimately, it all boils down to this. If you do not have a great and technologically advanced software, you will never be in a position to make informed decisions.

Check whether the brand boasts of having, an AI or ML enabled bot working to bring you all the projections, leads, trends and decisions.


The year 2019 saw several such platforms emerging on the landscape. The btc loophole is one such platform that saw exponential growth, simply because it was using the best robots among its competitors. By paying attention to the five points in the article, up and coming crypto investors can narrow down on the best platforms for investing in Bitcoins.


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