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10 Online Courses To Learn To Code In Python (Free And Paid)


Python is one of the most popular coding languages in the world because of its object-oriented features, clean syntax and adaptability. Those who are interested in learning how to code in Python can find really good learning resources online.

The following paid and free Python courses online are effective to learn to code using Python.

Free Python Courses Online:-

1. Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

This free python tutorial appeals to those looking to understand basic Python programming concepts and how to code efficiently in Python. This course will take you through a series of tutorials and lectures teaching you how to use the Python language from scratch.

2. Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners.

This free course about learning Python will help you learn to grow from a Python newbie to a pro with challenging brain teasing exercises. In this course you’ll learn what lists, tuples and dictionaries are, and how to use them. You’ll also learn how to apply control flow (logic) to code, handle errors, create and implement functions and more. This course is suitable for people who are brand new to programming or are coming from another programming language.

3. Python 101: Unlock Programm Skills – From Novice to Expert.

Go from python novice to expert in this free course which will teach you all the basics and how to write simple programs. You’ll learn how to use Python functions and even get to create a full-fledge Python program in a web browser.

4. Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant.

Start out with learning basic python programming and finish strong by being able to create your own virtual assistant for your computer in this free course. This course is especially good for beginner hobbyists who want to learn how to use various APIs and how to apply them.

5. Python for Absolute Beginners!

This free course was created for complete beginners with little to no understanding of programming and it will help you build a foundation of knowledge so you can start coding with python 3. This course covers Python installation, running Python scripts in terminal, functions, arguments, return values, loops, modules and more.

Paid Python Courses Online:-

1. Programming for Data Science with Python.

This Python online course is ideal for those who want to go into data science or expand their data science knowledge. The course teaches the most important data programming tools, including Python, command line, SQL, and git.

2. Learn Python from Scratch with Real Applications.

This course appeals to those who are complete beginners to Python and want to learn to code right from the start. The course covers the fundamentals of Python before delving into more advanced topics, such as using databases, Python functions, creating applications that use databases, and the PyQt5 graphic library.

3. The Ultimate Python Masterclass – learn from scratch.

This course takes participants from a beginner to a master of Python. At the end, students will have the skills needed to be a professional Python programmer. The course begins with the fundamentals of Python before guiding enrollees to create programs that use the full range of these fundamental concepts.

4. Python Programming Fundamentals.

This is another interesting course for students who are complete beginners looking to learn Python. Participants will learn basic and complex Python topics, including decoders, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming.

5. Learn Practical Python 3 for Beginners.

The course is ideal for beginners who want to learn Python. It uses Jupyter Notebook and guides students through the tools within it, as well.