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4 Services You Should Outsource When You Are A Startup Company


Many startup businesses are popping up here and there but unfortunately, not all of them will survive. One of the main reasons for this has to do with the very fact that these businesses fail to manage their team and their workforce effectively.

Generally, running a business is no easy feat. And as a startup, you’ll need all the help that you can to take some workload off your hands and that of your team’s. Also, when you’re still a startup company, you’re going to want to save on whatever costs that you can in your operations. Hence, you may want to consider outsourcing the following services:

1. Office Cleaning Services.

When it comes to office cleaners, you don’t need to hire and pay for a team to be with you from opening to the closing hours of your business. Especially so when you’re still a startup company. Else, this is only going to add up to your salaries and wages expense for the employees that you keep as a member of your workforce.

Apart from saving on costs, outsourcing cleaning services can also help improve the quality of cleaning. Even more importantly, the workload of your current team will also be reduced. They’ll no longer have to do the cleaning, when in fact, this time could’ve been spent doing more productive office activities.

Other advantages of outsourcing your office cleaners are the following:

  • It improves the cleanliness of your facility
  • It allows your current employees to focus on the core tasks of your business
  • It makes the overall life in your business office easier for everyone
  • It improves productivity
  • It takes aways also the need for you to have to maintain liability and insurance expenses for cleaners

2. Human Resources.

The human resources function of a business has to do with completing the following tasks: clerical work, recruitment, compensation and benefits, payroll, and employee file administration, among others. For startup businesses, the functions of your HR team may be too complex to maintain an in-house team. By this, it’s then better to outsource.

Here’s why:

  • It helps your business save on costs, as you’ll also now no longer have to pay for additional office space and extra utilities.
  • It allows companies to minimize risk, as, in outsourcing, you’re guaranteed that this HR team is now well versed with ever-changing labor laws and standards.
  • It enables your business to expand your perspective by now having an expert human resources team working for you.
  • It results in increased efficiency in your business operations.

3. Content Marketing.

Content marketing is now one of the best ways for businesses to market their company. With the advent of digital marketing, you’ll need to be able to educate your audience more about your product, so your startup’s brand awareness will also increase. Most businesses have an in-house team for content creation and marketing. But for startup businesses, you may not have the expertise and the budget for that yet.

Rather than spending much of your time on being too engulfed with content work that you forget about other important tasks, it’s better for you to outsource it. In doing so, your business will also achieve the following benefits:

  • It enables you to save on the wages, employee benefits, seasonal work and project payments
  • It gives you more time instead to focus on other marketing strategies of your business
  • It saves you more time with a faster turnaround of new content
  • It enables you to publish fresh content more frequently
  • It gives you access to talented content creators

4. Customer Service And Support.

Customer service and support tasks in business include that of delivering customer service across platforms such as social media channels, voice calls, messenger apps, and emails. By this, it’s easy to see that customer service and support is always an essential part of any business. One can never succeed without it.

Unfortunately, with startup businesses, you’re pressed by limited resources. It means not only being limited on human resources but even on utilities and equipment to help you comply with customer service functions, such as computers and telephones. It will be too costly for you also to have to buy everything at once. Your best recourse? Outsourcing. It provides advantages, like the following:

  • It saves your business a lot of money
  • It enables your business to go just beyond handling and answering phone calls
  • It gives you better customer coverage
  • It takes away the need for you to have to train your employees
  • It results in better service, which in turn also increases customer satisfaction


In a typical startup setup, it’s generally the case that all the team members have a lot to handle on their hands. They have to do so much, simply because there’s just a lot to do in the office. But, time, resources, and manpower are limited. Startup businesses need to remember that they can never do everything on their own. If they wish to be effective, they’ve got to learn how to outsource some tasks. This list gives you an idea of business activities that are better left to the hands of third-party providers.