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Startups: How To Maintain Employee Motivation



You have turned your idea into a business, and it is now off the ground. The office and all other necessary amenities are all set up, the staff agency has already done hires for you, and it is time to get into business.

The moment you step into any office, it takes you a few seconds to recognize a highly-motivated employee. They often look jolly, are productive, and will go the extra mile to ensure the satiety of the customers.

So, what makes an employee maintain such high levels of motivation several years down the line?

Have clear and defined goals.

As an entrepreneur with a start-up business, it is imperative to have clear and well-defined goals. Your employees should be able to fully comprehend your vision to ensure they facilitate its success.

A company’s goals should establish what is expected of the employees and help them visualize how their contributions affect the business. Also, there should be a connection between your goals and those of the employees. When employees realize their work is meaningful to the organization, they will remain productive and motivated. This means they will be willing to work extra hours if the need arises.


It is not only children who love being applauded for a job well done; employees too.

As a business owner, make sure your managerial team acknowledges the efforts of employees. Commending and appreciating employees increases their morale.

One way of doing this is by creating a competitive but friendly atmosphere in the workplace. You could have an award for the best-performing employee. This way, the current employee-of-the-month will work hard to retain their position, and the rest will work towards getting the award.

Additionally, celebrating company milestones, both big and small, is crucial. This way, employees work harder to ensure goals and objectives are achieved on time.

Keep your promises.

It is the duty of the managerial staff and the business owner to ensure all promises made are fulfilled. By doing so, you create trust between the employer and the employees.

Promises have a direct impact on the productivity of employees. Going back on a promise messes with an employee’s psychological health. If a contract states that an employee is entitled to a promotion when a certain milestone is met, honor the promise. Otherwise, you could lose your most valuable employees to other companies, or worse, your competitors.

Empower individual employees.

To ensure the success of a company, teamwork is a must. However, business owners should also take time to recognize and empower individual employees.

It hurts when your boss does not know your name. Being ‘faceless’ is demoralizing and affects the productivity of an employee. As such, employers need to encourage their employees to showcase their talents and aspirations. That way, they feel valued and appreciated, which is detrimental in maintaining employee motivation.


There is no one-size-fits-all in ensuring your employees remain motivated. It is for you as an employer to understand your employees and see what works for them best. Remember, motivated employees are a business’s best asset.


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