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6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Office Space


When you start your first business, your resources are limited, so you have to be savvy with what you already have. This applies to your office space.

In the early days, you may not have much physical space for your business operations, but even if you only have a small office, there are ways you can make the most of it.

1. Make sure you have plenty of storage.

Everything in your office needs a place to be stored away, otherwise, every surface will soon be covered in paperwork and equipment. Make sure you have filing cabinets, drawers and other storage that is designed for small spaces. It’s also worth considering turning your office paperless, as this cuts down on a lot of clutter and is better for the environment.

2. Make use of your wall space.

If you don’t have much floorspace, then look vertically for more space. Add shelving and tall bookcases to draw the eye upwards and make the room seem larger, as well as giving you more storage.

3. Use smaller furniture.

Oversized corner desks or big comfy office chairs can soon take up space and make a small space feel smaller. Look for office furniture for small spaces, especially items that are multipurpose like printer carts, so you can have fewer items taking up space. Make sure that the furniture you pick is ergonomic and still suitable for you to sit at for hours at a time, so you aren’t uncomfortable while you work.

4. Use neutral colors.

While you may be tempted to make your first office into a cool, fun environment using lots of color and oversized artworks, sticking to neutral colors will make the space feel larger. Make the most of any natural light too, avoid covering windows with heavy blinds or curtains.

5. Create different zones.

Even in a small office space, you can make it feel bigger by creating ‘zones’ where different work is done. For example, you can create a small reception area by using some logo mats at the entrance and adding a small desk where you can greet people. If your team often work on projects together, have individual desks on the outside of the room, then a big table in the middle for collaborations, rather than a closed meeting space. This will create a space that’s open plan, yet still has space for everything you want to do.

6. Hide wires and cables.

One curse that can often afflict smaller offices is the dozens of cables that run all over the floor. It soon makes a small space look smaller, it looks ugly, and it creates a tripping hazard which can lead to accidents. Use cable ties and tidies to bundle cables together, then run them around the edges of the room, for a neat, wireless look.

Even if your entrepreneurial career is just starting, it’s great to have a nice office space where you can work in peace. Using the tips above, you can make a small office feel clean and spacious, giving you a place to launch your business ideas.