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Should My Business Switch Accounting Software?


For most business owners, the start of their company is the only time they truly pay attention to the world of accounting software. Once they have selected their software package of choice, they will tend to stick with it.

Even if it annoys them, people will doggedly maintain their relationship with their original accounting software. Why? There are numerous reasons, with the main one being simple: it’s deemed a chore to make the change.

Sometimes, however, the decision to change is a mandatory one. This could be due to anything from an accounting software company going down, to no longer having access to bespoke software provided by your accountant because you’re switching to a different bookkeeper.

Even if you’re not forced to change, the following article will explore whether your business should change accounting software or not.

Why you should stick with your accounting software.

It can be upgraded.

If your accounting software is running slow or has limited features, you should have the option to upgrade. In terms of features, this might not be via a direct upgrade – instead, it can be done when syncing with viable software.

One option is Paynomix. Whether it’s NetSuite integration, QuickBooks integration, or integration with different accounting software, Paynomix syncs up with some of the most popular options on the market. When done, this software enhances business transactions and links these up effortlessly with accounting.

It can be a headache.

Changing your accounting software is a massive undertaking. You are moving all your financial information from one place to another. The transferred information might not be right because your bank wasn’t reconciled correctly. Getting used to the software can also take a substantial amount of time.

You might not like the change.

As the saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Once you have switched over, you might not be happy with the software’s interface. You could be disappointed that it doesn’t produce reports quickly enough. There are various reasons why you might regret going for different accounting software.

Why you should change your accounting software.

Unstable and slow performance.

If your business is continually growing, this could cause problems for the performance of your accounting software. As more figures, reports, and everything else are added to the system, it could cause the software to max out. When this happens, it will likely result in your accounting package, becoming unstable and running slow.

For instance, the system could freeze and result in the “Not Responding” message popping up with regularity. Not only is this frustrating as a user, but it might also even compromise your data integrity.

Limited features.

Put, your accounting software may not contain the same features as other options available. If this is the case, your accounting isn’t being maximized in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

A lack of customer service.

Sometimes, your accounting software will let you down with their approach to customer service. This could be due to limited communication or a lack of care when offering solutions. They might also suddenly hike the price up of the software. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided you want to switch to a provider who cares for their customers.