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It’s Not Time To Give Up On Office Cubicles Yet, Here Is Why


Office cubicles seem to have fallen out of favor with most employers. This unfortunate fall is due to the rise of the open space office culture. The free space frenzy brought with it the promise of collaboration and productivity. However, this gospel bore no fruits but brought more stress to many employees.

Studies indicate that in open offices, employees have less face-to-face interaction, making the collaborating goal non-existent. This and many other reasons make the open office a less enterprise-friendly option. In fact, 38% of workers in America now prefer a cubicle for the sake of privacy and silence.

Read on to familiarize yourself with other reasons why you should consider dropping the open office culture and embrace office cubicles in your company.

Improves Your Employees’ Focus.

Focus yields results, and if you’re the boss, you know that good results are an indicator of productivity. Focus among your employees is a major determinant when it comes to productivity.

The ideal way to achieve this is by incorporating office cubicles. Office cubicles provide adequate personal space for your employees to focus on their work. The inevitable distractions caused by movements and open office chitchats affect concentration significantly. But with office cubicles, it’s easy for your employees to work productively.

Provides Personal Space.

As stated earlier, focus is necessary for productivity, so providing adequate personal space to each employee is vital. Office cubicles offer enough private space so your employees won’t have to deal with distractions. You cannot rule out the possibility of having nagging employees who often fail to respect the personal space of their colleagues.

The walls in office cubicles not only provide a safe sanctuary from eavesdroppers but also from difficulties caused by things like facial expressions.

In a nutshell, office cubicles ensure respect for each other’s personal space in the workplace is adhered to.

Enhances Collaboration.

The reason most companies migrate to open office systems is to promote collaboration. However, office cubicles with lower walls or partitions play this role perfectly. The added advantage with office cubicles is that the walls help maintain concentration among your employees.

Coupling collaboration with concentration translates to less slacking at work. This further proves why you ought to prioritize office cubicles when creating an ideal workspace for your employees.

Reduction of Noise Levels.

It goes without saying that a busy open space with phones ringing and other office electronics beeping can be pretty distracting. Fortunately, with office cubicles, the noise significantly reduces due to wall partitioning.

Unregulated noise is often distracting, and any distraction is an enemy of productivity.

Encourages Uniqueness and Openness.

Unlike offices with closed doors that might assist slackness, office cubicles encourage openness because they are not too concealed to cause discomfort. While still encouraging openness, the idea of them is cubicles means that your employees are unique in their output as well.

Office cubicles are not a thing of the past, they are more efficient than the new idea of open office culture. So it is high time you reconsider this office culture. Once you’ve given it a thought, reach out to credible companies like Strong Project for all your office needs.