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Helping Your SaaS Clients Scale


SaaS is a very specific niche. And when you launch your SaaS marketing agency, you will be in one of the most exciting industries around right now. There are so many options for you to explore too, from free trials to content is king models.

With that in mind, here are some tips for helping your SaaS clients scale.

Content Marketing.

Every article that talks about marketing should have content marketing in there somewhere. It is almost impossible to compete if you aren’t offering more than just your services. Your job here is to create content that is readable, shareable, and valuable.

Content will drive traffic and continue to drive leads too. This is in contrast to many other forms of marketing, which will only work when you’re paying for them. There is a lot of inspiration for the different types of content that you can produce. Look to the larger SaaS companies, and you will see consistent content, with user value that supports their work and the user.

Free Trials.

It would be best if you were confident enough in the product of your client that free trials are a no-brainer. When you give people the opportunity to try out products, they can get a feel for the company and what they do. They are a self-serving marketing tactic, usually very little is required to generate leads from trial sign-ups.

But you are going to have to make sure that people have a positive experience and that what your SaaS client says the product does is the truth. To do so, make sure that your SaaS client provides onboarding support, both automated and personal. As a SaaS marketing agency, you’ll want to make sure that you track people on the free trial in order to turn them into product qualified leads (PQLs). Once this happens, they are much more likely to buy the products and you can market to them appropriately.

If you find there is a lack of full-price uptakes, you will have to work out what isn’t working. As such, gathering feedback is vital.


If you are working on your content, then you will need to be looking into SEO as well. Each piece of content that is produced for your client should have the right keywords, and the correct context also. Be smart with your keywords, because you will have to be budget savvy here. Bidding on product and service keywords for your PPC efforts will quickly eat your budget, but bidding on the problems your service solves will give you more bang for your buck.

For off-page SEO, you will have to invest in link building. However, you need to make sure to build high-quality links for your clients, not just any links you can get like comment and forum spam or non contextual backlinks on private blog networks. You have to take into account that social media shares from authority and influential accounts will benefit you too. So create an in-depth distribution plan to make sure that your content efforts are best optimized toward SEO.

These are just a few tried-and-tested SaaS marketing strategies that should be built into some of the packages that you will be putting together for your future SaaS clients. As a SaaS marketing agency, you have a considerable scope to test and refine simply because there is a wealth of data, market segments, and possible clients. From B2B to bloggers and influencers, know the problem your SaaS client is solving, and you can pitch ongoing projects to them perfectly and gradually expand the scope of your services.