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How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Boost Sales At Your Young Company


When you are running a new and small business you need to make sales and quickly to avoid running out of steam. You need regular loyal customers and new customers to get there. However, it can be incredibly hard to really make tracks in the business world. Most small businesses seem to struggle to do this. However, there is a way you can generate sales to help your young company succeed – affiliate marketing. If you need convincing, consider the fact that around 15 to 30% of all online sales come from affiliate programs.

Even if you have given it thought in the past but weren’t sure how to use it, we would urge you to reconsider and use some of the great suggestions we’ve gathered together in the following post to make affiliate marketing work for your business.

Expand Your Reach With the Use of UGC.

Perhaps the biggest benefit affiliate marketing has for your small business is the extensive reach you can access using it. Just imagine if you had 20 affiliates all on your program, all of them doing their bit to promote your services/products. That is a giant extension of the reach you had without their help.

Taking it further, think about if each of those affiliates had 10,000 followers. Without using affiliate marketing, it would be expensive to try and get the same number of impressions.

UGC is probably the best way to use affiliate marketing these days. Encourage your affiliates to share their experiences and help them develop and expand their own engagement. You can even connect back to them by sharing their posts through your own social media feeds. Although customers may have a hard time believing you if you state that your products and services are the best, they will have an easier time believing your affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Used As Instant and Immediate Social Proof.

When you have affiliates, you can use them as an immediate kind of social proof. Social proof is important for modern businesses. You need those positive reviews and word of mouth marketing to survive. You need advocates from outside of your team promoting you. Statistically, it’s understood that around 91% of all 18 to 34-year old’s put their trust in reviews just as much as they do in personal recommendations. Using a service like the one iAffiliate Management offers can help you to increase sales, grow your business and experience a better return on your investment.

Boost the Affiliate Percentages for Products/Services that are Less Popular Than Others.

Most businesses have at least one like it, and yours probably does too. Those products or services that are great but are just not as huge sellers as others. The ones that are not bad products, but as your audience is more selective and limited, they don’t do so well, or perhaps they are something very niche and specific or indeed expensive.

Either way, if you have products that fit any of these descriptions, that just don’t perform well, you could consider increasing the earning percentages on those goods for affiliates as a way to encourage more to take on the challenge of promoting them. It is usually the case with affiliate marketers that the higher the possible return is, the more aggressive they will be to sell it.

It can be a little daunting considering the use of affiliate marketing. Especially if you have a lot of other things you are doing with your business, but when it is executed correctly and successfully it can really help your new business grow and at a much quicker rate. You will get more sales, and your profits will increase and even better, you will gain more followers and customers who will keep using your business.